20 Ways Of Online Earning, How To Earn Money From Home

20 Ways Of Online Earning
20 Ways Of Online Earning

Everyone has a smartphone, but everyone uses it in a different way. Some people, for example, enjoy playing video games while others enjoy watching movies. Some are for photography, while others are for social media. However, some people use their smartphone to earn money online. And this article is dedicated to them.

If you believe that making money online is simple, you are mistaken. Because it requires a lot of effort. A significant amount of time and energy must also be expended. Only then can a consistent source of income be established. Nonetheless, nothing gets done in the beginning. That means you’ll have to work for free. That is why patience is essential.20 Ways Of Online Earning, How To Earn Money From Home

20 Ways Of Online Earning


Blogging is the best option for earning money online. And I’m not just saying that; I’m speaking from personal experience. Blogging can help you earn lakhs of rupees per month. However, you must be able to write articles. If you enjoy writing, this is the place to be. And if you have the ability to write articles on a regular basis, blogging is the best option for you. You must have a blog in order to make money from blogging. Purchase a hosting plan and a domain name first. Create your own blog as well. If you don’t have a lot of money, you can start with free hosting. However, you should definitely purchase a TLD (Top Level Domain). Because it has numerous advantages.

So, once the blog is ready, write and publish articles on a regular basis. When the blog has enough content (about 25-30 articles), apply for Adsense. And as soon as you get Adsense approval, you can start putting ads on your blog and earning money. Although there is no higher earning than Adsense. Adsense accounts for only 20-30% of total earnings. The remaining 70-80% comes from sponsorship, affiliate marketing, merchandise, local advertising, and so on. That is why the blog’s reputation and content quality are so important.20 Ways Of Online Earning, How To Earn Money From Home


YouTube is a great option, with the help of which you can earn lakhs of rupees a month sitting at home. But for this you need some necessary resources. Such as Camera, Mic, Tripod, Lights, Editing Software etc. But this is not enough. Apart from this, you also need to have knowledge of Video Making and Editing. Only then can you make good videos. Also , there should be proper information about things like Youtube Community Guidelines and Copyright .First of all create a Youtube Channel . And setup it. That is, do the proper settings of the channel. After that upload videos continuously on the channel. And do proper SEO of each video. Because Youtube SEO is very important in this era of competition . That is why pay special attention to SEO and marketing.

I would like to tell you that when 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours of Watch Time is completed on a channel! So Youtube reviews that channel. And approves or rejects it based on the content. If the approval is received, then the facility of monetization on the channel is turned on . That is, you can link your channel with Adsense Account. And you can earn money by showing ads on your videos.Like blogging, you can earn money from Youtube Channel in multiple ways. That is, Google Adsense is not the only option. You can also earn money from Sponsorship, Merchandise, Affiliate Marketing and Local Advertising. But for this the reach of your channel should be good.20 Ways Of Online Earning, How To Earn Money From Home


With the help of reselling, you can earn a lot of money sitting at home. But for this you must have an audience . That is, it is necessary to have some blog, website or social media account. If you are active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp etc. And you have a good number of followers! So you can earn money from Reselling.

To earn money from reselling, you have to become a reseller. That is, you have to become a member of a good reseller company. But the problem is that there are a lot of reseller companies in India right now. And all call themselves India’s Best Reseller Company and India’s No.1 Reseller Company . So whom to trust? And choose whom?
Well, after becoming a reseller , add products to your store. Edit their price, add your commission and share their link on social media, that’s it. Now whatever product is sold from your link, you will get commission.20 Ways Of Online Earning, How To Earn Money From Home


Freelancing means working independently. That is, not working under any company or institution, but working at one’s own level. And earn money on the basis of your talent. This is actually a Satisfying Job in which not only good money is available. Rather , Work Satisfaction is also available. That is, by becoming a freelancer, you can do the work of your choice. And you can earn good money.

Join a good Freelancer Platform to earn money from freelancing . And make your profile. That is, tell about your Skills, Work Experience, Awards and work. And also upload samples of your best work. So that people can see your work. For example if you do logo design! So definitely upload your best logos. Well, after completing the profile, sit calmly and wait.Now whenever someone searches for Logo Designer , they will see your profile. If he likes your work, he will contact you. and will place the order for you. In this way you will get continuous work. And you will keep making money. But till then, as long as you keep working hard and honestly.20 Ways Of Online Earning, How To Earn Money From Home

5.Affiliate Marketing

With the help of affiliate marketing , you can earn good money by promoting products. But for this you need to have a platform. That is, to promote the products, it is necessary to have your own blog, website or Youtube channel. But if you have a Facebook page too! Still you can earn money from affiliate marketing. But this is not possible without a platform and without an audience.

First of all join the Affiliate Program of any eCommerce company . After that add products to your account. And after that share those products on your blog, website or FB page, that’s it. Now whenever someone buys a product from your link. So you will get a certain part of the price of that product in commission. That is, according to the commission rate, you will get money. In this way you can promote any number of products in a day. And how much money you can earn.But to earn well from Affiliate Marketing, you have to do two things. One, products related to your content have to be promoted. And secondly, products with a good commission rate have to be given priority. That is, such products have to be promoted, which have a good commission rate .20 Ways Of Online Earning, How To Earn Money From Home

6.Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one such career option, with the help of which you can earn money throughout your life. Because the world is becoming increasingly digital. And the demand for digital marketing is increasing day by day. In such a situation, you can guess how much its demand will increase in the coming time? Well, for those who don’t know what is digital marketing? For their information, I would like to tell that this is a technique of online promotion. In which promotion is done through Digital Platforms.

Your online presence is very important to earn money from digital marketing. That is why first of all strengthen your online presence. That is, create your website and tell people about your work. Also create your accounts on Social Media Platforms. And update them regularly. Follow Digital Marketing Agencies to understand new updates and trends . And keep an eye on their work. So that you know how they work?When people start recognizing you by your work, then you will start getting work. And you will be able to earn good earning. Digital marketing is a job in which you have to stay up-to-date. That is, new updates and trends have to be followed. And accordingly you have to change your marketing strategies and techniques.20 Ways Of Online Earning, How To Earn Money From Home

7.Ebook Publishing

As you all know that nowadays e-books are in trend. And people prefer to read Ebooks instead of paper books . Because eBooks live in our phone/laptop, which we can read whenever we want, wherever we want. That is why now paper books are also being changed as eBooks. So that people can read them digitally. Well, by publishing Ebook , you can earn good money sitting at home.

To earn money from eBook publishing, you must know how to write interesting and entertaining stories. Also, your stories should be published in the form of Ebooks. You can write anything from fictional stories to novels, biographies. But as far as I understand, stories with suspense, drama and thrill sell. Well, after the eBook is completed, it’s time to publish it! So there are many platforms available for this

Such as KDP , Google Play Books, Goodreads, Kobo, Readsy, Smashwords etc. These are the Best Platforms For Ebook Publishing . With the help of these platforms, you can publish your eBook. and can earn money. Once published, you will get royalty when people buy your eBook . And the more copies sold, the more royalty you will get. In this way you can earn money sitting at home with the help of eBook publishing.20 Ways Of Online Earning, How To Earn Money From Home

8.Online Courses

Nowadays people learn new things sitting at home with the help of internet. And for this they resort to Online Courses. The demand for online courses has suddenly increased in recent times. Because people were locked in their homes due to Covid-19 and they had nothing to do. So he learned new things through online courses. And made good use of his time. But apart from Covid-19, the demand for online courses is increasing continuously. And the creators are making good money.

You must have talent to earn money from online courses . You must be able to speak and write. Along with this, making videos should also come. Because photos, videos, graphics etc. are used a lot in online courses. Also PPT Files, Docs, and Sheets are also used. That is why all these things have to be created to make the course.

If you can explain a topic in a simple, interesting and effective way! So you can create Online Courses. And you can earn good money. I would like to tell you that the subject is very important for online courses. That is why choose such subjects in which people are interested. and those who need it. Such as school curriculum subjects (Maths, Science etc.), Mobile Repairing, SEO, Digital Marketing, Programming Languages , Web Designing, Ethnical Hacking etc.

After making the course, sell the course, and earn money. For this you can take the help of your blog, website or app. If you don’t have a blog, website or app! So you can resort to platforms like Udemy, Skillshare and Thinkfic.20 Ways Of Online Earning, How To Earn Money From Home

9.Crypto Trading

You can earn good money in less time by trading in cryptocurrencies . But for this you need to have money. As well as the courage to take risks. Because Cryptocurrency prices fluctuate unexpectedly. That is, sometimes the prices touch the sky and sometimes they fall down. Sometimes it’s a huge advantage! So many times there is a terrible loss. That is why it is very important to have knowledge of Crypto Market for Crypto Trading .First of all choose a Cryptocurrency Market or Cryptocurrency Exchange . That is, create your account on a platform like Wazir X , CoinSwitch or CoinDCX. And complete KYC. After that deposit money in your account. And after that buy your favorite Cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin , XRP, Ethereum, DogeCoin etc.)

Once you buy a cryptocurrency , keep an eye on its price. And sell it as soon as the price goes up. And buy when the price is low. In this way keep buying at low price, selling at high price and keep earning money continuously. But always keep one thing in mind. Before buying any cryptocurrency, be sure to know about it.20 Ways Of Online Earning, How To Earn Money From Home

10.Share Market

You must be well aware of the share market. It’s actually a great option just like cryptocurrencies! With the help of which you can earn good money in less time. But for this you should have proper knowledge that what is Share Market? And how does it work? Also which stocks will perform well? And which one is bad? It should have a proper idea, then only you can earn money from the share market. Otherwise your money may also be lost.

To earn money from share market you need to have demat account and trading account. That’s why first of all choose a DP (Depository Participant). and register. That is, open your Demat Account and Trading Account . After that login to your DP’s website or mobile app. Add more funds. After that, buy any company whose shares you want to buy.

All the shares you buy will be reflected in your Demat Account. And until you sell them, they will be deposited in your Demat Account. Once you buy the shares, you have to wait for the price to rise. And sell it as soon as the price goes up. That is, buy at a lower price and sell at a higher price. Keep buying and selling such good performing stocks. And keep earning money.20 Ways Of Online Earning, How To Earn Money From Home

11.Live Stream

Youtube is the best option for live stream. Because YouTube has all kinds of audiences. That’s why most of the creators live stream on Youtube only. And YouTube has also given a lot of facilities to the streamers . Because YouTube also has the advantage in this. Actually YouTube keeps 30% of each Superchat to itself and gives 70% to the creators. That is, if a creator earns Rs 10,000 from SuperChat. So YouTube will keep Rs 3,000 and will give Rs 7,000 to the creator.

There are 2 ways to earn money from live stream. One Monetization and the other Superchat . If we talk about monetization, then this is the most basic and primary feature of earning. Through this you can monetize your Live Stream. And you can earn money by placing ads. But at the same time Superchat is a premium feature, through which you chat with your Subscribers. And instead they have to pay money.20 Ways Of Online Earning, How To Earn Money From Home

12.Mobile Apps

You go to the Play Store and search for anything, you will definitely find some app. There’s even an app for everything from Trimmer to Comb and Knife to Toilet Paper. But the extent is that many of these apps are Paid. That is, people buy them by paying money. If you also want, you can earn money sitting at home from Mobile Apps . How? Let’s know.

First you have to find a problem. That means you have to find a solid reason or basis for your app. Any such problem, which is related to everyday activities and because of it causes a lot of trouble. For example , not being able to download Youtube videos is such a problem that everyone is worried. That’s why App Developers made Apps for this. You have to find similar problems, and solve them.

That is, an App has to be made for every problem. And publish it on Play Store. For this you have to create your account on Play Store and pay 25$ fee. This fee has to be paid only once. After that you can publish Apps and Games. And you can earn money by monetizing them. Apart from this, you can also earn money by making Paid Apps and Paid Games.20 Ways Of Online Earning, How To Earn Money From Home

13.Content Writing

Content writing is one such job, which is always in demand. That is, the need for content never ends. Content is constantly needed for Blogs, Websites, Products, Ads, Movies, Marketing etc. That is why you can earn money continuously through Content Writing. You just have to know how to write. And should come to impress with your skill skills.

First of all, create your account on Platforms like Linkedin , Naukri, Indeed and Upwork. And complete your profile. Tell us about your work and experience in the profile. Also upload a sample of your work. So that people can see your work. And decide whether you are the right fit for them or not? That is, whether your writing is right for their project or not?

After completing the profile, sit comfortably and wait. As soon as any job related to your work is posted, you will get notification immediately. Along with this , job offers related to Content Writing will start getting. You can see all the offers by going to your profile. And accept your preferred offer. In this way you can earn a lot with the help of Content Writing .20 Ways Of Online Earning, How To Earn Money From Home

14.Web Designing

First of all, let me tell you that Web Designing and Web Development are two different things. Web designing is what you see on the screen. And in web development the things behind the screen come. That is, you can call it the wiring of the website. Web designing does not require programming and coding. You have designed the website with the help of Photoshop.

Web designing is a creative act. That’s why you should come to create Creative and Unique Designs . The design includes the background color of the website, the color of the texts and links, the different elements and their location, alignment, length-width, sidebar, menus etc. When you open someone! So everything you see on the screen is a design part of it.

If you want to earn money from web designing, then first of all create your portfolio website. And Showcase your Best Designs. Also make your profile on job platforms like Upwork, Indeed and Naukri . And tell me about your work. So that you can get work instantly.20 Ways Of Online Earning, How To Earn Money From Home

15.Graphic Design

Graphic design is a creative field, where not only you can show creativity. Rather , you can also do Online Earning . That is, you can earn money sitting at home. But for this you need to have knowledge of graphic designing. I would like to tell you that there is a tremendous demand for graphics in today’s digital age. And this demand is increasing day by day. In such a situation, if you are a Graphic Designer then you can earn good money.

First of all create your profile on Job Searching Platforms . And tell people about your work. That is, share information about your skills and work experience. And upload samples of your work. So that people can see your work. And can hire you when needed.

I would like to tell one important thing that if you are a Digital Content Creator ! So definitely make your website. Also, make your profile on all the digital platforms related to your work. Because for a digital content creator, his online presence is very important. This not only increases your Reach, but the work is also easily available.

16.Clothes Designing

The fashion industry is booming at this time. And the demand for designer clothes is increasing continuously. That’s why you can earn good money by designing clothes. Provided you know how to design clothes. Actually there is a proper course of Fashion Designing. In which along with designing clothes, many other things are taught. But here we are only talking about Clothes Designing . If you have done a course in fashion designing, then you can also launch your brand.

First of all design some Dresses. And get your clothes promoted by hiring a famous model. That is, get the model dressed in your designed clothes and get a photoshoot done. And promote through social media. After that design clothes for famous celebrities. And Participate in Local Fashion Shows and Events. So that your work gets maximum exposure.

Also participate in Local Exhibitions and sell your clothes. When people start recognizing you by your work, launch your collections. And sell online with your brand name . If you don’t want to create your own brand then no problem! You can work for other brands and companies. By doing clothes design like this, you can earn money sitting at home.

17.T-shirt Printing

Nowadays there is a lot of craze of Printend Tshirts. People like to wear printed tshirts. Especially, the youth group follows this trend very vigorously. In such a situation, T-shirt printing is a great option to earn money online. If you are interested in Tshirt Printing then you can earn money online sitting at home. But for this you need some necessary equipments. Such as Printing Machine, Color Ink, Heat Press Machine, Screen, Dryer etc.

You have 2 options for this. First, making designs and selling them to printing companies. And second, selling Tshirt by printing itself. If you want to work as a designer then there are many platforms for this. Such as Spreadshirt, Designhill, Printful, The Souled Store, My Dream Store etc. Create your account on any of these platforms. Upload and sell your Tshirt Designs.

If you want to print and sell Tshirt yourself, then first of all make your own store. If you do not have money to buy Domain Name and Hosting! So you can also start with free platforms like Shopify . Well, after the store is ready, list your products (Tshirts) and earn money by selling.

18.Online Consultation

The job of a Consultant is to give the right advice to your client . and solve its problem. There are different fields for this. For example Career, Health, Family, Financial, Marketing, HR, PR, IT etc. You can choose any of these fields. You just need to have knowledge of that field. Also, one should come to talk to the client and solve his problem.

First choose a field. And do proper study and research about it. That is, gain expertise. After that launch your online portal and mobile app. And after that start your online consulting work. Now any client who wants to consult you will have to pay a fee. In this way your earning will be.

19.Logo Design

Logo design is a profession that is always in demand. Because every day new startups start. And many organizations, websites and blogs are formed. Those who keep needing logos. That’s why you can earn good money by designing a logo. Provided, you have knowledge of Photoshop and you know how to make good logos.

First of all think of the names of some companies. And design some nice, unique and trendy logos related to them. After that create your account on any platform like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer and DesignCrowd . And upload your logos. Now if people like your logo, they will contact you themselves. and will place the order for you. In this way you can do Online Earning sitting at home by designing Logos .

20.Photo Selling

If you do a photo search on Google, you will definitely see the name of SutterStock. Because it is a Photo Selling Website , which sells photos online. But this is not the only website of this kind. There are many other websites that sell photos online. But the question is, from where do these photos come to these websites? So they actually buy photos.

There are two types of photos. A real photo taken with a camera. Other imaginary photos, which are created with the help of Photo Editing Tools . However, you can earn money by selling both types of photos. But imaginary photos take a lot of effort and time. Because there is no Subject in them. Rather, it has to be created with the mind. That’s why such photos sell very expensive. Because not everyone can make such photos. But everyone can take real photos.

If we talk about Earning , then there are many options for this. Such as SutterStock, Foap, Alamy, 500px, 123RF, iStock, Fotolia, GettyImages, Adobe Stock, CreStock, Stocksy etc. You can sell your photos by visiting these websites. And you can earn money sitting at home. But your photos should be unique. And you should have your own creation. That is, you cannot sell someone else’s photos.


So those are the 20 Most Effective Online Earning Methods, with which you can make money while sitting at home. It makes no difference whether you are a student, a housewife, or unemployed. If you are gifted. You can earn money online while sitting at home if you have the courage to work hard. You can earn money online even if you don’t have any money to invest. That is, you can make money for free without having to spend any money.

This article has covered all types of earning methods. That is, how can you make money for free? How do you make money when you don’t have any? How can I make money with my phone? How can I make money while sitting at home? How do women make a living? How do students get paid? How can I make money while working? How can I make money blogging? How to Make Money on YouTube How does reselling make money? How does Affiliate Marketing make money? How do I make money with apps? What are the best apps for making money online?