7 Best ( Free ) Email Service Provider List for Business

Most email service providers do not charge anything for essential services in this article know 7 Best ( Free ) Email Service Provider List for Business

7 Best ( Free ) Email Service Provider List for Business
7 Best ( Free ) Email Service Provider List for Business

Maybe your business has just hit the market, and needs to market its products or services extensively to beat the competition. Email marketing is a powerful tool for taking your small business to customers. Simply send your message about new developments happening in your company using email. For that, you need the services of free email providers that give you access to some useful basic features.

How do email providers work?

Simply put, an email service provider gives you access to basic features to send and receive email. But more than that, an application that provides a niche service comes with a number of advanced features that are helpful for businesses in many ways. These features help you track your email marketing campaign, create email templates, and manage your long contact list efficiently.Most email service providers do not charge anything for essential services, mainly enough for small businesses. But they can buy higher services to upgrade to more features.


Outlook.com is Microsoft's free browser-based email provider service, a rebranded version of its old name Hotmail. You get 15 GB of storage space when you sign up for the Outlook.com email service.

One of the great features of this service is that you can easily connect it with many social media, Skype and other software. It helps you integrate your important workflows directly into your email account. You also get access to powerful search and categorization features, a built-in calendar, threaded messaging, and many other tools.

2.Yahoo! Match

If you are looking for a free email provider service, Yahoo! Mail is the right choice for you. It is one of the oldest email services and was once the most popular. In addition, you can send up to 50 attachment files in one email, which is extremely useful for multiple account holders.

You are able to organize your email content in different folders quickly. Moreover, the service comes with a built-in sorting feature. Other valuable features include social media integration, viewing video and image files in your email, and SMS and instant messaging. Its email design is simple, clean and well-organized.It also allows you to use animated GIFs with your email messages to express your feelings. You can even manage your email on the go using Yahoo! Mail Mobile App.


Gmail is the most important and comprehensive free email service provider. Coming from Google, the service gives you 15 GB of free email storage space with each account. It's easy to trace your email messages and chats. Its powerful filtering system allows users to categorize their emails arriving in the inbox and move them to as many folders as they like. It helps to declutter the primary inbox.

Additionally, Gmail provides you with a number of valuable services, such as Google Docs, where you can invite multiple people to work together. You get Google Hangouts, a chat rooms feature, and Google Calendar that you can also use as an email invitation maker to invite people to an occasion. You also get a customized Gmail address using your domain name. The security features provided by Gmail are reliable.

4.iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is an email service from Apple and can meet the basic needs of email users. It has a clutter-free, simple interface. Since the service provider is Apple, users get the benefit of having email.

Since Apple owns the service, iCloud Mail is ideal for getting the service optimized for your iPhone mobile device and iPad Mail. You can easily install the service and integrate it with the phone, and it integrates easily with Macintosh OSX as well.For iPhone mobile devices, iCloud Mail is an excellent option as the service gives you 5 GB of free storage, and for more, you need to buy space.

5.Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a perfect choice for those looking for a host of features that help professionals get things done with ease. They can complete a complex labeling system and have access to advanced search features. You get 5 GB of free storage space, which you expand upon purchase.

Business owners have access to many useful features like Zoho Chat, folders, search filters, labels, save email templates, and set up autoresponders. You can also customize your email and have more control with an advanced hosting plan.You get the e-discovery process to quickly locate your email, and you can do a lot of things like add comments, share files, manage tasks, and tag your team. It also allows you to integrate your email with Zoho CRM which helps you manage your sales.

6.GMX (Global Mail eXchange)

GMX  is rated as one of the best email service providers, and you can access it via webmail POP3 and IMAP4 protocols. The service has powerful SSL encryption for maximum security of the details in your email.

It is equipped with spam filters that keep your inbox away from the flood of spam emails and protect you from any potential virus threats. As far as storage is concerned, GMX provides access to unlimited storage space, allowing you to carry out your daily work smoothly. You can attach files up to 50 MB each time you send an email.


One unique feature of the HubSpot email service is that you can quickly customize your email with its drag and drop editor. You can also access a number of ready-to-use templates, including the newsletter creator template.HubSpot is an excellent service for sending personalized emails, which business owners find especially helpful. All your data is completely safe and secure, and you can even send email from CRM using the application.