WWE : SmackDown Results Reaction and Highlights from January 15

WWE official signed the contract for his Universal Championship match against The headman at Royal Rumble on January 31.

WWE : SmackDown Results Reaction and Highlights from January 15
SmackDown Results Reaction and Highlights from January 15

WWE official signed the contract for his Universal Championship match against The headman at Royal Rumble on January 31.The tense in-ring promo segment headlined a SmackDown that continued the march to the annual extravaganza, with both men and ladies announcing their entries into the namesake matches.

Round 1/2 : Uso was strong here, seeing as natural instead of scripted. He was passionate and put over the present nature of his relationship with Reigns, talking up The headman and putting his family over because the most badass entity within the sport.As it should any yapping heel. It worked well and set the stage for the opening match on the night.The return of Nakamura’s old theme would suggest a babyface turn is either within the making or is already completed.

Round 3 : The match was hurt by the poorly-placed commercial break. It hurt the flow and therefore the viewers’ ability to actually invest in it.The effort was there and there was definitely chemistry about it that creates one wonder what the performers would have accomplished had the competition not been suffering from the break so early.

Nakamura winning was the proper move, though it might are simpler clean. we've seen Jey lose therein manner within the past and recover quickly thanks to his spot on the cardboard it might have benefited The Artist quite the screwy nature of the finish.

Keep an eye fixed on Cesaro, whose convoluted excuse for not saving Nakamura suggests there's a riff or maybe jealousy on his part which will spell the top of their team.

Round 4 : Kay was the focus , and given the stress on her character in recent weeks, that's fine. What wasn't was how convoluted the booking of the finish was.Kay didn’t need to get within the ring, tripping and stumbling around. She could have accomplished the distraction from the ground and Natalya still could have won.

It is disappointing in some respects to The Riott Squad’s Morgan and Riott, who were building momentum for themselves as a team but are now in peril of being overshadowed in their own faction by Kay. that's through no fault of the Aussie, though, who is completely nailing everything she is being asked to try to to .

Round 5 : The perpetual losers suffered a well-known fate in the week as Corbin continued to create heat for himself. The eventual moment during which Dominik stands up for himself, his own man, and fights back will ultimately make him a good more viable young star.

Until then, he needs some wins to create up his resume because immediately , he seems like a perpetual loser.The match was perfectly fine for what it had been , which was an extended squash that saw Corbin steamroll Rey until he needed a distraction to attain the win.

Round 6 : Bryan and Cesaro are master craftsmen between the ropes and here, they turned during a beautiful match.

Counter-heavy and filled with punishing strikes, it ultimately decreased to Cesaro capitalizing on a gap created by a Bryan misstep and scoring a much-needed victory.It was a defining win for Swiss Cyborg and, hopefully, the beginning of things to return for the foremost underrated wrestler within the world.

In consecutive weeks, former world champion Bryan has been selfless, putting over both Nakamura and Cesaro in an effort to strengthen the general quality of the SmackDown roster. Others within the corporate would be knowing learn from this.

Round 7/8 : Sami Zayn’s conspiracy gimmick is one among the simplest in WWE so it's no surprise he stood out here, protesting the means by which he lost to Crews during a manner that means he are going to be making a way bigger deal about it within the weeks to return .

Speaking of Crews, he was great here because the arrogant heel, cheating to beat Zayn, then sparking a verbal confrontation with Big E as their rivalry continues to escalate.Theirs may be a feud which will elevate the IC title and one which will ultimately make a star our of Crews.

Round 9 : After months of Reigns manipulating things in his favor, his overconfidence proved costly as Pearce one-upped him and put The Tribal Chief’s universal title reign in jeopardy.

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