Bella Poarch : Family, Net Worth , Parents, Boyfriend , Children, Education and Biography

Bella Poarch is a famous Tiktok Star and Social Media Personality know all about her in this article as like Family, Net Worth , Parents, Boyfriend , Children, Education and Biography

Full Name Bella Poarch
Date of Birth February 8, 1997
Birth Place Philippines
Parents NA
Marital Status Not Yet
Husband NA
Children Not Yet
Profession Social Media Personality
Net Worth $300,000 ( estimated)

Bella Poarch is a famous Tiktok Star and Social Media Personality and was born on February 8, 1997, within the Philippines. She was raised within the Philippines and later moved to Hawaii, the USA together with her family. Bella Poarch started posting videos on Tiktok in April 2020 and now has 60 million followers in April 2021. He gained 40 million followers within a couple of months of starting posting videos on Tiktok.

Early Life and Family

Bella Poarch grew up within the Philippines and moved to the US together with her family when she was 13 years old. Bella Poarch joined the United States Navy but later left the United States Navy in 2017.Bella never shared much about her parents but stated during a TikTok video that she has been adopted.

Bella Poarch Net Worth 2021

As of 2021 famous Tiktok star Bella Poarch Net Worth is estimated $300,000.She is earning a substantial amount of cash fron Sponsored Post.

Bella Poarch Boyfriend

She is Focusing a lot on her career at that time,One the News appeared on the internet that she is dating Kylin Jenners Ex-Boyfriend Tyga.However there is no conformation fron Bella Side she is dating or a love relationship with any one.

Professional Life

Bella Poarch may be a social media celebrity and she or he has more \than 10 million followers on Instagram. She has 60 Million followers on Tiktok.She wont to accept her family within the philipines.However, She later moved to Hawaii at the aage 13.Bella Poarch Collaborate a TikTok video with Tyga, who was the Ex-Boyfriend of Kylie Jenner.James Charles and Bella Porch also Collaborated on Tik Tok.


When Bella Poarch made a tattoo on her left that has raised many concerns in Koreans.Due to an equivalent reason she got tons of backlash over the web .Later she also posted an apology on her social media account about the tattoo.She also said that her Intensions weren’t to harm the Korean Fans. Also she removed the tattoo straightway.