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Gangubai Kathiawad Real story

Explore who is Gangubai Kathiawad and Real Story of Gangubai Kathiawad. Bollywood’s famous director Sanjay Leela Bhansali is directing this film. in this  Alia Bhatt are going to be portrayed as Gangubai during this film.

Alia Bhatt is additionally being taught the Kathiawar language to act during this film, during which she is additionally being taught the dirty profanities of the Red Light area. Through this film, where Gangbai’s life is traumatized and her courage are going to be shown, the truth of the Red Light area in Mumbai also will be highlighted by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The casting of the , can be Ajay Devgan and Ranbir Kapoor also are likely to hitch this film.

True story of Gangubai Kathiawad

Gangubai Kathiawad was  the only daughter of a respected family in Gujarat . Later, the difficult circumstances of his life made the criminal, Don, a prostitute, business woman. it’s said that Gangubai was the primary woman who lived sort of a don within the 60s to think 100 times before anyone could mess together with her . She wont to run a cell which had many branches everywhere the country.

Gangubai was born during a place called Kathiawad in Gujarat. Gangubai’s relations belonged to a highly respectable family. those that believed in furthering their daughters by reading and writing. Gangubai was the sole daughter of his family whom she wanted to form something by reading, but Gangubai wasn’t curious about studies but more in films. Gangubai was born in 1939 therein family of Gujarat. She always dreamed of becoming a heroine and talked about getting to Mumbai.

How she reached Mumbai

Gangubai’s father worked as an accountant, one boy of her village comes to work with his father whose name was Ramanik. She wnat to come in mumbai so Gradually she became friends with Ramaneek and therefore the friendship became love.

At the age of just 16, she ran faraway from home with Ramaneek and both of them got married within the temple. Both Ramnick and Gangubai migrated from Gujarat to Mumbai and began cohabitation there. After a while Ramaneek sent her with 1 woman saying that this is often my aunt, i’m getting to find an honest and new house for both folks till then you stick with my aunt at her house. Raman lied and sold Gangu to Kothe Vali for 500 rupees. Gangubai didn’t know that the person whom Ramanik is delivering to her may be a brothel within the famous Kamathipura Red Light area in Mumbai.

How she became Gangubai Kathiawad

In Mumbai’s Red Light area Kamathipura, when Gangubai was most unknown, she also compromised her circumstances. Then there was a wild lady named Shaukat Khan, she forced her with Gangubai and ate her so all night that her condition became very bad. Then Shaukat Khan left without paying Gangubai. At that point , Gangubai was in such a nasty condition that he was immediately admitted to the hospital. When she was completely recovered, she tried on her own to urge all the knowledge about the person . Then she came to understand that the person named Shaukat Khan worked with the famous don Karim Lala.

Going to Karim Lala, Gangubai told that action of Shaukat Khan. then Karim Lala pledged to guard her. Karim Lala severely punished Shaukat Khan for the atrocities he committed with Gangu Bhai. Gangubai tied a rakhi to Karim Lala and made his rakhi brother. From an equivalent day, Gangubai also came to be referred to as Don in Kamathipura. The people of Mumbai were scared of Karim Lala the maximum amount as they were scared of Gangubai. Gradually she became prevalent and she or she also did tons of positive work for prostitutes working within the red light area.

Gangubai said that if there are not any women working within the red light area in Mumbai, then it’ll be difficult for the ladies of Mumbai to urge out of the house. albeit Gangubai was fully colored in prostitution, she didn’t keep any woman here who doesn’t wish to live or work there.

Some Facts about Gangubai Kathiawad

Gangubai’s full name was Ganga Harjivanadas Kathiawadi.
She was  the rakhi sister of Don of Mumbai name is Karim Khan
Along with prostitutes, he also did great things for several of Mumbai’s orphans.
She is doing many things to improve the life of redlight area womens