Chris Perez ( Selena Quintanilla Husband ) : Family, Net Worth, Music Career and More

Chris Perez Selena Quintanilla Husband is an American guitarist, songwriter and author best referred to as lead guitarist for the Tejano band Selena y Los Dinos. He married the frontwoman of the group, Selena, on April 2, 1992.

Christopher Gilbert Pérez is an American guitarist, songwriter and author best referred to as lead guitarist for the Tejano band Selena y Los Dinos. He married the frontwoman of the group, Selena, on April 2, 1992. Pérez grew up in San Antonio , Texas together of two children of Gilbert Pérez and Carmen Medina.

Early life and Family

Christopher Pérez was born on August 14, 1969 in San Antonio , Texas to Gilbert Pérez, a programmer ,and Carmen Medina. he’s of Mexican-American ancestry. Perez’s parents divorced in 1974, when he was four years old. His mother remarried in 1978.

Chris Perez learned to play the French horn in secondary school and joined his school’s military band together with his mother’s support. He decided to show himself to play guitar despite his mother’s disapproval thanks to the negative stereotypes related to the rock-and-roll world.

Pérez’s favorite musicians were Van Halen, Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard,Kiss, the Scorpions,Ozzy Osbourne and instrument of torture .He also grew to admire Ricky Martin during the 1990s. Many of his guitar solos are inspired by Carlos Santana.Chris Perez wanted to run away to l. a. , California to start out a rock group when he was seventeen. At the time he shared an apartment together with his father and worked at a library.

Chris Perez and Selena Relationship

In 1989 Chris and A.B. wrote Selena’s Coca-Cola commercial jingle. After the corporate accepted the lyrics and Selena filmed the commercial, A.B. treated the band to a vacation in Acapulco, Mexico.During the trip Chris realized he was interested in Selena although he had a girlfriend in San Antonio .

Chris thought it best for both of them if he tried to distance himself from her, but found it difficult and decided to undertake building a relationship together with her .They expressed their feelings for every other at a Pizza Hut restaurant, and shortly afterwards became a few .They hid their relationship from her father out of fear that Abraham would attempt to break them up.This stressed Selena, who didn’t want to cover her feelings.

Suzette ended up reporting the connection to Abraham, who took Chris off the bus and informed him that it had been over.The couple continued their relationship secretly despite Abraham’s disapproval.Selena took hope from the very fact that her mother Marcella approved of their courtship, untilone day when Abraham stopped the tour bus and visited the rear where Chris and Selena were sitting.

He shouted that their relationship was over and Selena screamed back at him. Chris tried to calm them both down, but joined within the argument after Abraham insulted him by calling him a “cancer in my family.”Finally Abraham threatened to disband the group if they didn’t hack . Intimidated, Selena and Chris backed off. Abraham fired him from the band and prevented Selena from running off with him, leaving Selena both extremely devastated and heartbroken.

After he was fired from the band, he moved back in together with his father and commenced playing music wherever he could. He wrote that “free of that nerve-racking situation together with her father and therefore the other members of Los Dinos, I started enjoying my life again.” Selena, however, suffered from their separation and therefore the two tried to stay in-tuned while she was touring.

On the morning of April 2, 1992, Selena pounded on his hotel-room door. She forced her way in and commenced to cry, saying she couldn’t continue without him. Selena wanted to urge married that day, but Chris argued it wasn’t the proper thing to try to to at the instant . Selena insisted her father would never accept their relationship, and wouldn’t attend any wedding they planned.Chris agreed and that they eloped in Nueces County, Texas.

Selena was sure her father would go away them alone if they were married, and that they might be together openly.They planned to stay the elopement a secret until she found the proper moment to reveal her marriage, but the media announced their elopement over the radio within hours of the wedding ceremony. Selena’s family tried to trace her down. Abraham didn’t take the news well, and alienated himself for a time.Selena and Pérez moved into an apartment in Corpus Christi.until Abraham approached them, apologized, accepted the wedding and Chris back to the band.

Chris became a totally accepted member of the Quintanilla family after the wedding , and Abraham Sr. asked Chris to write down songs for a rock group he was managing after he opened a studio , Q-Productions, in late 1993.

That collaboration resulted during a posthumous recording for Selena when the lead vocalist for that rock band , Nando “Guerro” Dominguez, visited Selena’s house to start a recording. Chris was ending the recording session several hours later when Selena asked to record Dominguez’s demo.

Her version of the song was unreleased until 2004, when it had been added to her posthumous compilation album Momentos Intimos as “Puede Ser”. A.B. wrote “Ya No”, the last recording for Selena’s studio album Amor Prohibido (1994). He wanted to show it into a rock song and asked for Pérez’ assistance.

Chris Perez net worth

Chris Perez is an American musician, songwriter, and author who has a net wroth of $1 million.

Chris Perez Second Wife and Children

In 2001 Chris married Villanueva and that they had two children, a boy Noah and a woman Cassie.Although it had been rumored that Villanueva didn’t want to divorce, and wanted to undertake and work things call at their relationship, the couple finally decided their relationship was irreconcilable. They filed for divorce in 2008.Despite getting married again and having two children, Pérez has since remained in-tuned with the Quintanillas following Selena’s death.

Professional Career

Chris’s friend, John Garza moved in with him six months after Selena’s death. They began writing music, which Chris found healing.The band was signed to Hollywood Records, and visited A&M Studios (now Henson Studios) in l. a. to start recording their debut album. Chris wrote the song “Best I Can” to explore his feelings about losing Selena and his struggle to continue without her.

In March 2000, Chris began preparing for his second studio album;On April 16, the band released its second and final album, Una Noche Más, before ending .Chris joined his brother-in-law A.B.’s band, the Kumbia All-Starz, in 2005 and left it in 2009 to make his own band.On April 7, 2005, Los Dinos reunited at the Selena ¡VIVE! tribute concert.

In the early 2010s he formed a replacement group (the Chris Pérez Project) with Puerto Rican singer Angel Ferrer, releasing “Todo es Diferente”.

In March 2012 Chris published To Selena, With Love, which described their relationship and struggles.He had been reluctant to write down the book, saying that fans asked him to write down it. He didn’t seek the approval of the Quintanilla family’s approval to write down To Selena, amorously and didn’t disclose the project in fear of their reaction. He approached Abraham after the book was finished. Abraham approved of it.