Donald Trump Jr. takes on new role as top adviser inside the Trump family

Behind the scenes, Trump's eldest son has emerged together of the previous president's chief political advisers, consistent with multiple sources who are on the brink of Trump or involved his political operation.

Donald Trump Jr. takes on new role as top adviser inside the Trump family
Donald Trump Jr. takes on new role as top adviser inside the Trump family

Former President Donald Trump has elevated his son Donald Trump Jr. to an unofficial new role inside his orbit as he weighs the thought of a comeback presidential bid in 2024 that might require him to take care of a vise grip on the Republican base for any chance of success.

Behind the scenes, Trump's eldest son has emerged together of the previous president's chief political advisers, consistent with multiple sources who are on the brink of Trump or involved his political operation. Like his brother-in-law Jared Kushner, who spent much of the last four years attempting to steer the Trump show from inside the West Wing, Trump Jr. has been working closely together with his father's team to make sure subsequent iteration of the 45th President's political career is running smoothly which his father is endorsing reliably conservative candidates.

But his role extends far beyond operational guidance. within the months since Trump left Washington, Trump Jr. -- who never worked within the White House and is undeniably the foremost conservative member of the Trump family -- has been steadily influencing his father's political instincts. Aides describe their relationship as notably more affable than Trump's ever was with Kushner, who has taken an opportunity from politics.

Trump Jr.'s impact was on full display earlier this month, when Trump caught himself fuming at a televised interview with Gov. Asa Hutchinson over the Arkansas Republican's stance on transgender issues, one that might have previously escaped his attention. Unlike the times when Trump would camp in an annex off the Oval Office , griping to aides about critical cable coverage he'd seen of himself or his administration, this point he was incensed by Hutchinson's veto of a Republican-backed bill blocking gender-affirming treatments for transgender youth in his state.

The former President had been watching one among his favorite primetime programs, "Tucker Carlson Tonight," from the residence at his Mar-a-Lago club when Carlson and Hutchinson got into a boxing match over the matter. an individual conversant in the episode said Trump was "cursing at the tv ," and have become increasingly frustrated by Hutchinson's rebuttals. Two days later, the ex-President released a press release through his Save America leadership PAC accusing Hutchinson of supporting the "chemical castration of youngsters ."

To outside observers, it seemed odd that Trump, who largely avoided LGBTQ issues during his presidency beyond banning transgender Americans from serving within the US military, would issue a press release skewering one among the nation's most conservative governors over a veto associated with transgender youth. But inside the previous President's orbit, it had been abundantly clear who had influenced him.

For years, Trump Jr. had made base-pumping statements about various expansions of transgender rights to his right-wing followers on Twitter and Instagram. When Cece Telfer, a transgender woman, qualified for the NCAA Women's Division II Outdoor Track and Field Championships in 2019, Trump Jr. claimed her success was a "grave injustice to numerous young women" during a tweet. He again panned transgender athletes during a quick appearance at his father's "Stop the Steal" rally from the White House Ellipse on Epiphany .
"Don has the heart beat of the bottom and knows where the energy of the party is, so he's kind of the go-to person now on tons of political things," one Trump aide said.

A leading role : Aides later said it had been Trump Jr. who had encouraged his father to weigh in on the matter at CPAC, knowing it might be meat for the overwhelmingly conservative crowd."He was always fighting for the cause big-picture wise, but now Don is taking more of a number one role in shaping the political direction of Trump's post-presidency," said an individual on the brink of Trump Jr. Those on the brink of the previous President say Trump Jr. has also become a key conduit for GOP candidates vying for the 45th President's support. He has been intimately involved within the vetting process for Republican hopefuls seeking Trump's coveted endorsement, intervening when he suspects a candidate is undeserving his father's blessing or urging Trump to avoid prematurely placing his finger on the size in crowded Senate primaries.

When former Ohio Republican Party Chairwoman Jane Timken sought Trump's endorsement of her nascent senate race in March, for instance , Trump Jr. cautioned his father to "slow things down" and let the first contest play out, recalled multiple people conversant in the episode.
"He recognizes candidates who are authentically invested within the America First agenda and may spot those that are faking it. While it's true that each one roads cause Mar-a-Lago, smart candidates know there is a pit stop with Don that ensures a better degree of success," said former White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

The younger Trump has been advising his father on messaging, too, as Trump navigates bitter divides inside the GOP over issues like voting rights, so-called "cancel culture" and company accountability. And because the party grapples with major philosophical questions on its future, people on the brink of Trump Jr. said he has urged his father to stay within the trenches on cultural issues especially, arguing that they're presumably to animate grassroots groups and MAGA voters before and beyond the 2022 midterm election.

That Trump Jr. has evolved from a campaign surrogate who never worked inside the White House to at least one of his father's most reliable political strategists is not any accident.Unlike his time in Washington, Trump not features a revolving cast of campaign strategists and West Wing advisers surrounding him daily or the heavy operational demands the chief office requires. As a result, he has increasingly turned to longtime friends and his most steadfast political allies -- from former top White House aides Mark Meadows and Kellyanne Conway to his eldest son and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan -- for guidance on building out his machine and maintaining his perch atop the GOP.

"A lot of what you're seeing out of Trump's operation nowadays is coming from the highest ," said a person on the brink of Trump Jr., who noted that Trump sometimes calls 15 people during a single day to solicit their thoughts on potential endorsements and therefore the growing number of 2024 presidential hopefuls who are likely to toss their hat within the ring if Trump forgoes another run.

"It's often that he's calling you to be more of a gut check than a GPS," said one one that the previous President speaks to regularly. Trump Jr., this person added, is "definitely the loved one [Trump] talks to most" in such moments.

The conspicuous absence of Kushner has also been an element behind Trump Jr.'s rise. While Trump's son has positioned himself closer to the previous President since he left office -- including with a recent purchase of a range in Jupiter, Florida, just 35 minutes faraway from his father's luxury oceanfront resort -- Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump have kept their distance from his post-presidential apparatus and shown little interest in reengaging anytime soon. Kushner is claimed to be keeping busy with a book about his time in Washington and his efforts to broker peace within the Middle East consistent with reports.

Furthermore, three people conversant in Trump's thinking said he's still brewing over his defeat within the 2020 election, that he largely blames Kusher, who served as de facto campaign chief throughout Trump's go after reelection."I don't think the President is looking to Jared for advice lately ," an individual on the brink of Trump said.

Several Trump aides cautioned against the thought that Trump Jr. has replaced Kushner in Trump's orbit, noting that both men have consistently served different functions since Trump entered the political scene. Kushner, who is a smaller amount ideological than his brother-in-law, mostly provided operational input in his role as a senior White House adviser and campaign strategist. Meanwhile, Trump's eldest son spent much of 2016 and 2020 crisscrossing the country to market his father at campaign rallies-often mimicking Trump's bellicose style and rhetorical tricks -- before diving headfirst into his father's post-White House political operation.

Among some Trump aides, the younger Trump has also been floated as a possible successor to the throne should his father decline to run a non-consecutive second term in 2024.

Despite his deep involvement in Trump's post-presidential machine, also as his acute understanding of the GOP base, aides who have worked closely with both the previous President and Trump Jr. insist there are notable differences between the father-and-son duo.

For one, while Trump has spent the majority of his post-presidency decompressing on the green with almost daily appearances at his namesake golf club in West Palm Beach , his son recently escaped on a hunting trip within the Alaskan wilderness. One person conversant in Trump Jr.'s whereabouts described the excursion as his own brief reprieve from politics.