Who is Durte Dom? Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Bio

Durte Dom
Durte Dom

Durte Dom, whose real name is Youtuber and social media influencer.Durte Dom Family belongs to Lithuania.He is best known for being a member of the YouTube group Vlog Squad whose videos get many views.The channel, fronted by David Dobrik and founded in 2015, has almost 19 million subscribers.It became the fifth-most viewed channel on YouTube in 2019.

Who is Durte Dom ?

Durte Dom posted his first YouTube video in October of 2016. He has gained almost 400,000 subscribers. He has released two mixtapes: Looking to Land and Highly Inappropriate.Durte Dom has been friends with David Dobrik for an extended time. He helped David shoot many of his first YouTube videos and has been featured within the very first vlogs.

Meanwhile, 25-year-old Durte Dom has 860,000 subscribers on his own self-titled channel.His first video titled “BREAKING UP WITH GIRLFRIEND?” was posted in November 2016.Alongside social media, Dom also features a website together with his own merchandise and spends time on his music.Dom was born in Lithuania but moved to Chicago when he was a toddler .

Durte Dom Bio

NameDominykas Zeglaitis
Birth ( Age )June 29, 1995
Birth PlaceLithuania
Nick NameDurte Dom
Nationalty American
ProfessionYouTuber , Rapper, Social Media Influncer
Marital StatusNot Married
Wife / GirlfriendNA
Social MedaiInstagram
Net Worth$1 Million ( estimated)

Durte Dom Controvercy

Vlog Squad member Durte Dom has been accused of sexual misconduct by two new women who have come forward to Insider. An earlier investigation into a rape allegation against the YouTuber was published in March.

As per Insider the two women with Zeglaitis. In one video, YouTuber David Dobrik could be heard saying “stop” as he tugged at the back of Zeglaitis’ sweatshirt, while Zeglaitis humped a female vlog extra in the hallway outside his apartment. In the other, Zeglaitis asked a woman why she would agree to smoke his marijuana if she wasn’t going to reciprocate by performing sexual acts on him.

Zeglaitis, who had 2.7 million TikTok followers at the time of writing, rose to prominence as one of Dobrik’s childhood friends who appeared in Dobrik’s vlogs. Zeglaitis portrayed the sleazy, sex-obsessed “Durte Dom” character in front of millions of Dobrik fans.

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Durte Dom is Famous For

Durte Dom is an influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers on his social media accounts.

He has been gaining fans all over the world through his vlogs, Tik Toks and music videos.

He has 1.2 million followers on Instagram while 2.4 million follow him on Tik Tok.

He first started tweeting his thoughts back in 2011.

In January 2014 he released his mixtape “Looking to Land” followed by “Highly Inappropriate” a few months later.

In his vlog series, he has appeared with rappers Rae Sremmurd, Migos, and Soulja Boy.

FAQ About Durte Dom

How Old Is Durte Dom?

Durte Dom is 26 years old.

What is Durte Dom Net Worth?

Durte Dom Net Worth is $1 Million in 2023.

Is Durte Dom Married ?

No, Durte Dom is not married yet and not dating any one.