Exploring the different ways ads are blocked on Safari

Exploring the different ways ads are blocked on Safari

Ads or adverts are designed to grab your attention. This is precisely why they are annoying. It might be banner ads obscuring the content you are trying to read or an autoplay video covering the button you are trying to click. Hence, you wouldn’t be wrong to hate ads and want to block them while browsing the web.

Although Apple’s Safari is optimized for performance, it is not devoid of annoying ads. No web browser is. Luckily, you can follow these tips and tricks to block ads on Safari easily.

  • Turn On The Pop-Up Blocking Feature On Safari

It is possible to block ads and pop-ups on Safari natively. This feature offers an extra barrier of protection against malicious websites. You can turn on this function by going to Safari > Preferences > Websites. Next, scroll down to find Pop-up Windows, and then you can personalize how the web browser handles pop-ups and ads.

If you don’t want to block all pop-ups, you can visit specific websites in Safari and then choose Allow from the drop-down menu.

If you do not wish to see any pop-ups, you can choose Block or Block and Notify from the drop-down menus of When Visiting Other Websites and Currently Open Websites.

  • Hide Ads In Reader View

If you wish to enjoy an ad-free reading experience, you can use the Reader View feature offered by Safari.

  • Install Ad Blockers For Safari

Ad blockers are available for all web browsers. Among all the popular ones, uBlock Origin stands out. This ad blocker uses an advanced blocking algorithm with predefined filters that helps it quickly identify and block ads on websites. Moreover, it is an open-source ad blocker and extremely light on system resources. Unfortunately, uBlock Origin is not available for Safari. The extension was once available for Safari, but not with the release of Safari 13. So, if you are used to using this ad blocker for an enhanced web browsing experience on Safari, it is time to look for alternatives. Some of the best ones are mentioned below.

  1. AdLock – This free Safari extension blocks autoplay videos, pop-ups, and banner ads. It also protects users against bugs, trackers, scammers, and analytical systems. You can easily get started using this ad blocker as the interface is user-friendly. There’s also scope for comprehensive customizations via the ad filters. The ad blocker is excellent for streaming websites and can remove all mid-rolls, pre-rolls, and otherwise skippable video commercials.
  2. Total Adblock – This powerful and efficient ad blocker removes video ads, banners, and pop-ups by default from Safari. But this ad blocker only works on iPads and iPhones. The software blocks websites that distribute malware, removes cookies, etc. You can use Total Adblock’s custom filters to block the elements you do not wish to see on the web page.
  3. 1Blocker – This ad blocker tells Safari what to block in advance. The ad blocker is highly effective in removing a wide range of trackers, ads, and fingerprinting scripts. You can set this up easily, and the app is automatically updated via the cloud. The app offers plenty of scope for customization, and you can sync the custom filters across your devices.

Besides these, you can check out Crystal Adblock, Purify, Norton Ad Blocker, and Wipr.

It is easy to install a Safari ad blocker.

To install Safari browser extension ad blocker, launch the Settings app > tap Safari > tap Content Blockers under General > activate your chosen content blocker by toggling the switch next to it and ensure it is in the Green position.

You can also install an ad blocker application for Safari by clicking on Safari > choosing Safari Extensions > waiting for the App Store to open the extensions page > searching for the ad blocker you want to add > clicking Get underneath the ad blocker extension > signing in with your Apple ID if prompted and start downloading. Then, click to install the application and follow the instructions. Finally, open Safari > Preferences > tick the checkbox next to your downloaded ad blocker.

Are There Any Benefits To Blocking Ads On Safari?

Yes, there are significant benefits to blocking ads on Safari.

  • Websites load faster if ads are blocked. Ads add extra elements to the web page, slowing the loading speed.
  • If you don’t see ads, it means you can browse the web using less data.
  • Most ads are vectors for malware. Therefore, blocking ads is one of the best ways to stay secure.
  • Not seeing ads means using less energy when browsing in Safari. This results in a longer-lasting battery.


Ads are everywhere nowadays, and most of them are malicious. They can be pretty annoying and can ruin your browsing experience. By following the tips and tricks above, you can improve your browsing experience.

If you haven’t blocked ads on Safari yet, do it right away.

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