Gilbert Postelle Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Biography

Gilbert Postelle Family

Gilbert Postelle Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Biography – Gilbert Postelle, 35, was convicted and sentenced to death for the murders of Amy Wright, James Alderson, Donnie Swindle and Terry Smith.

Gilbert Postelle was an American criminal who was shot and killed four people with an Ak-47 rifle in a 2005 incident. He was executed by police on February 17, 2022. In the year 2005, Gilbert Postelle was 19 years old when he used an Ak-47 rifle to murder four people in an Oklahoma City trailer park. Here you can find all the information about who is Gilbert Postelle, what is Gilbert Postelle’s age, and who is Gilbert Postelle’s family.

Gilbert Postelle Family, Parents

Gilbert Postelle was born in 1986 in Oklahoma, United States and in 2022 his age is 35 years. Gilbert Postelle was raised in Oklahoma, the United States by his parents. His Father name is Brad Postelle but his mother and siblings information is not available on socialmedy or any other source.

Gilbert Postelle Wife, Children

He was  Married man.Gilbert Postelle has a daughter, Kaylei Johnson, with his ex-wife Jenny and is currently engaged to Oklahoma native Jackie Thompson.Her daughter say “My dad is my inspiration. He keeps me going,” Kayle said. “He calls me his beautiful daughter and says he’s proud of me. I don’t want to lose my dad.”

Gilbert Postelle Story

Gilbert Postelle Net Worth is not revealed.Gilbert Postelle was 19 years old when he used an Ak-47 rifle to kill 4 victims in Oklahoma city trailer home park in the year 2005, he took the lives of James Anderson 57, Terry Smith 56, Donnie Swindle 49, and Amy wright 26 these members were connected to a motorcycle accident Gilbert Postelle’s father had suffered and he was badly injured. For this murders, Gilbert Postelle was sentenced to death in the year 2008, and he was injcted drug on the 17th of February 2022 and died within 14 minutes.

Gilbert Postelle has been executed on February 17, 2022, nearly 17 years after he killed four people in Oklahoma.The killings took place on Memorial Day in 2005 and Postelle has since said he doesn’t have a full recollection of the murders.

Gilbert Postelle was convicted of killing four people on Memorial Day in 2005, in what he claimed was a connection to his father’s motorcycle accident that had left him severely injured.Police reported Postelle used an AK-47 stifle rifle when he killed James Alderson, 57, Terry Smith, 56, Donnie Swindle, 49, and Amy Wright, 26, at an Oklahoma City home in 2005.

Postelle was 19 years old when he killed the four people but in December 2021, he claimed he doesn’t remember the murders because of his methamphetamine use in the days leading up to the attack on the four people.

However, in August 2005 The Oklahoman reported that court papers said Postelle told Alderson, Smith, Swindle, and Wright to “get on their knees” before shooting a total of 30 rounds into the victims.Gilbert Postelle was sentenced to death in 2008 and has been executed 14 years later on February 17, 2022.

The families of the victims said they may finally receive closure after Postelle receives death.“Every day I think about this stuff,” Wright’s uncle, Larry Lyles, told Oklahoma’s Own 9. “Every day I see something similar to it on the television and it just brings back old memories.”Oklahoma restarted its death penalty in 2021. Postelle was the fourth person to be executed by death penalty since then, and was the second person to be executed in 2022.”Did they care about their victims’ feelings whenever they did the crime? Did they care about the victims suffering? No,” Lyles said. “They didn’t care, so once you’re on the slab to be executed, that’s just part of it.”

“The State’s execution of Gilbert Postelle was carried out with zero complications at 10:14 this morning,” said Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor’s office in a statement. “Justice is now served for Amy Wright, James Alderson, Terry Smith, Donnie Swindle, and the people of Oklahoma.” ( Source The )

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