Heather Aldret ( Survivor ) : Family, Parents, Net Worth, Husband, Children and Age

Heather Aldret is a newcomer to the 41st season of Survivor know all about him in this article as like her Family, Parents, Net Worth, Husband, Children and Age

Who is Heather Aldret ( Heather Aldret Wiki Bio )

Name Heather Aldret
Birthdate  1 March 1969
Age (as of 2021) 52 Years
Place of Birth Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.
Nationality American
Marital Status  Married
Spouse/Partner Name not Known
Children Two Daughters
Parents Name not Known
Profession House Wife
Net Worth $500K – $1 Million
Last Update December 2021


Heather Aldret is a newcomer to the 41st season of Survivor, although she is also one of the cast’s most seasoned members. She was mentioned as one of the contestants to watch.Currently on her Instagram at @heatheradret to join her 1825 followers. Heather uses her online media to offer bits and pieces of her daily life. Heather’s primary admirers right now, as evidenced by Aldret’s response, are her family and friends. We have no doubt that following the show, her popularity will soar even further.

Heather Aldret Family and Parents

Heather Aldret was born on March 1st, 1969, and is a 52-year-old actress. Heather’s early life, as well as the members of her family, are unknown. Aldret is a South Carolina homemaker who spends much of her time with her family. Aldret admits that being a stay-at-home mom was difficult. It is, without a doubt, a duty that is usually resented. Only a stay-at-home mother, on the other hand, would notice her efforts.

Heather Aldret Husband

Heather Aldret is Married Woman and Mother of two beautiful daughters.Heather and her spouse, whose identity has not been revealed, have a happy marriage. The couple has spent 23 long years of marriage together.She spent 20 years of her life to the well-being of her children. She is presently the youngest member of the Survivor cast, at 52 years old. She attended Hammond High School in Columbia, South Carolina, before attending Hilton Head High School on Hilton Head Island and graduating in 1987. Heather enjoys tennis, pickleball, painting, and exploring. She is now based in Charleston.

Heather Aldret Net Worth

Heather Aldret is a newcomer to the 41st season of Survivor has an estimated Net Worth around $500K – $1 Million in 2021.

In Survivor Season 41

Due to her engaging personality and friendly approach, Aldret quickly garnered a considerable following. She’s also a good cook with a high level of irritability tolerance. Aldret is a Charleston, South Carolina-based housewife who enjoys painting, pickleball, tennis, and detective work. The Survivor contestant’s proudest second accomplishment was auctioning off her first home and using the cash to pay off all of her obligations, describing herself as “genuine, energetic, and giving.” No one could judge her by looking at her since she could “cuss like a gassed, sun-burned mariner,” according to her cast profile on the organization’s website. Season 41 of Survivor is a highly anticipated CBS series that has consistently kept audiences enthralled. The previous season’s climax, in which Tony Vlachos claimed the title and the $2 million prize, lifted the bar even higher.