How to Make an Educational Video, Know the Best Video Tools

How to Make an Educational Video, Know the Best Video Tools as like Animaker Edify, Hippo Video, Renderforest and more to make interesting educational video.

How to Make an Educational Video, Know the Best Video Tools
How to Make an Educational Video, Know the Best Video Tools

Making an academic video are often an excellent teaching tool or just a fun thanks to share your knowledge with the planet . With the straightforward accessibility and rampant popularity of web sites like YouTube , educational videos are an excellent thanks to teach others about what you recognize .

Drawing upon sight and sound, an academic video is especially appealing for auditory and visual learners. Whether you would like to succeed in an audience of millions or an grade school classroom, educational videos convey information during a powerful and vibrant way.

How to Make an academic Video

Do you want to film your educational video on a sensible phone or camera , or would you rather use a more high-tech camcorder and include a microphone? Considering what you would like to form your video before you begin will make sure that the creation of the video is as smooth as are often .Pay attention to lighting. Proper lighting is vital , so consider filming during a location with good natural lighting during the daytime, or consider bringing your own lights to your filming location so your educational video will have a bright feel.

After you film your video, you'll likely want to form some edits. A tool like Windows film maker (for a PC) or iMovie (for a Mac) are often very helpful for editing your finished educational video. This software will allow you to import and edit videos, add and edit audio, and share your movie online.

Pick something that you simply know best, or study something new and tell the planet what you've got learned.Adequate preparation for your educational video is vital . many of us are easier speaking ahead of a camera once they need rehearsed what they need to mention .

Best Toll to making Interesting Educational Video

Educational videos are the central point of the flipped classroom method. Because humans are naturally visual learners, students will understand videos better than text. during this article, we’ll discuss five free tools to assist you create educational videos.

Animaker Edify

This one is analogous to Renderforest and is employed to make an animated video. you simply got to drag and drop in-app icons to make various sorts of content like animation video, infographics, posters, presentations, video infographics, and vertical videos.


Ezvid is another free and completely easy to use screen recorder. you'll capture literally everything on your screen, be it games, web pages, applications, and lots of others. then , you'll edit your video and upload it on to YouTube.This tool is provided with a webcam, voice recording, voice synthesis, screen drawing, and speed control, making it one among the simplest screen recorders and video makers within the business.

Hippo Video

Hippo Video is that the complete package; it's everything you would like to make an academic video. With this tool, you'll use the webcam to record your own lectures, and you'll also record your screen along side the audio. Besides recording, you'll edit, share, host, and track your video.

It also integrates with Google Classroom, Google Slides, and other Google online platforms, making it easy to collaborate online together with your students. the simplest thing is, with all of its features, you'll use it for free!


If you would like to make a video fast and straightforward , try Renderforest. This tool offers free animated video templates in various categories like whiteboard animation, line-style explainer, 3-D explainer, and lots of others. within the educational video section, it offers 200 unique icons, scenes, and character animations.


Powtoon is an animated video and presentation maker. The free version comes with limited features and a watermark. Nevertheless, this tool is straightforward to use. it's in-app templates that are able to use to form a presentation. you'll also customize the templates together with your own pictures, voice-overs, and soundtracks.