Is Huma Qureshi Married ?

Is Huma Qureshi Married

Is Huma Qureshi Married – Huma Qureshi is not married yet beu she is in her relationship with director Mudassar Aziz on his birthday, and shared a photograph with him. He had a sweet response to the present message.

Who is Huma Qureshi ?

Huma Saleem Qureshi is an Indian actress and model who primarily appears in Hindi language films. She has also received three Filmfare Award nominations. Qureshi obtained a baccalaureate in History with honours from the University of Delhi, while she worked as a theatre actor and model.

Huma Qureshi was initially scheduled to form her film debut with Billa II, a Tamil gangster-thriller, directed and produced by Chakri Toleti, after surviving an audition out of 700 candidates. Although cast because the female lead, when the film was delayed, Qureshi left the project to honour other work commitments.

Who is Mudassar Aziz ?

Mudassar Aziz is an Indian film director, screenwriter, producer and lyricist. Who work in various successful films in Bollywood.

Is Mudassar Aziz and Huma Qureshi Still Together ?

Huma and Mudassar recently separated. We hope it is a lovers’ quarrel, but sources close to them say it is very improbable that they will reunite as before.But, yes, Huma and Mudassar have chosen to continue producing films together. There is no ill will between them, and they stay friends. However, it is still unknown why they terminated their relationship.

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