Jonathan Toebbe : Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife Diana , Children and Investigation

Jonathan Toebbe is a Former US Navy nuclear engineer know all about him in this article as like his Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife Children and Investigation ( Wikipedia)

Name Jonathan Toebbe
Birthdate ( Age) 42 years
Place of Birth United State
Nationality American
Marital Status  Married
Spouse/Partner Diana
Children Two
Parents Name not known
Education Not Known
Profession Navy nuclear engineer
Net Worth $500K – $1 Million
Last Update October 2021

Former US Navy nuclear engineer Jonathan Toebbe and his wife Diana have been charged and arrested for selling secret nuclear submarine information to a foreign nation.The couple was arrested in West Virginia on Saturday, 9 October 2021, after a sting operation conducted by an undercover FBI agent posing as a foreign country operative. 

According to court documents, Jonathan Toebbe attempted to pass secret information through memory cards for nearly a year.He was ultimately arrested along with his wife after allegedly placing a data card at an arranged “dead drop” location in West Virginia last week. As per the Department of Justice, the pair have been taken into custody in Jefferson County on charges of espionage for violating the Atomic Energy Act.

Jonathan Toebbe and Wife Diana

Diana and Jonathan Toebbe are a couple based in Annapolis, Maryland and the couple have two children together.

Jonathan Toebbe Net Worth

Jonathan Toebbe is a Former US Navy nuclear engineer has an estimated Net Worth around $500K – $1 Million Net Worth The family reportedly stays in a three-bedroom $430,000 home within the Hillsmere Estates neighborhood.

Professional Career

The 42-year-old worked as a specialized officer on naval nuclear propulsion projects and had a top-secret security clearance. He was assigned to the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, aka the Naval Reactors.

Before joining the service in 2021, Jonathan Toebbe attended the Officer Training Command in Newport, Rhode Island. He then worked as a nuclear engineering officer in Pittsburgh and Northern Virginia.Jonathan Toebbe served as a lieutenant in 2016 and ended active service in 2017. He worked as a human resources officer until December 2020.

He was previously awarded with the National Defense Service Medal, the Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal and the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal. However, Jonathan Toebbe parted ways with the US military on 19 December 2020.

Jonathan Toebbe wife Diana Toebbe is a humanities teacher at Key School in Annapolis. School authorities confirmed that 45-year-old worked as a faculty of upper school and has been associated with the educational institution for the past 10 years.The couple is making headlines for being caught in a case of espionage over the attempted sale of secret nuclear submarine information. Diana has been suspended from her role at Key School for an indefinite period of time until the end of the pending investigation.

Jonathan Toebbe and Diana’s criminal Investigation

As per FBI reports obtained by The Daily Mail, Jonathan Toebbe began his scheme in April 2020 by sending a package to a foreign government containing a sample of secret data about Virginia-class nuclear warships and a letter with the proposal of selling further information.

Officials said in court documents that the package contained naval documents, a letter and an SD card with instructions on how the country should respond to the proposal:”The package contained U.S. Navy documents, a letter containing instructions, and an SD card containing specific instructions on how COUNTRY1 should respond using an encrypted communication platform, and additional documents.”

The package was obtained by FBI agents in December 2020 who then started communicating with Jonathan Toebbe as a foreign country official. Following months of negotiations and months of email communication, the former naval engineer agreed to provide the first set of data in exchange for $10000 in cryptocurrency.

On 26 June 2021, Jonathan and his wife drove to a location in West Virginia and dropped a 16 GB blue memory card, wrapped in plastic, inside a peanut butter sandwich. The latter was reportedly on a “lookout” while the former completed the task.

As reported by NPR, investigators said that the SD card had sensitive military design elements, operating parameters and performance-related characteristics of Virginia-class submarine reactors. The court has described the submarines as “nuclear-powered cruise-missile fast-attack submarines”.

The FBI continued to exchange similar undercover negotiations with Jonathan Toebbe over the next few months. In a second deal worth nearly $70,000 in cryptocurrency, the ex-navy official agreed to send another package in a “dead-drop” location on August 2021.The FBI believes the person referred to in the letter is possibly Jonathan’s wife, Diana.

It was also mentioned that Jonathan was ready to leave the US within a short period in case of emergency requirements and asked the foreign country to retract him and his wife from the country:“Should that ever become necessary, I will be forever grateful for your help extracting me and my family. I surmise the first step would be unannounced travel to a safe third country with plans to meet your colleagues. We have passports and cash set aside for this purpose.”