Jordan Turpin : Family, Parents, Siblings, Husband, Profession and Story

Jordan Turpin is the daughter of David and Louise Turpin were sentenced to prison know all about her in this article as like Jordan Turpin Family, Parents, Age, Story, Instagram and Wikipedia

Jordan Turpin : Family, Parents, Siblings, Husband, Profession and Story
Jordan Turpin
Name Jordan Turpin
Birthdate  1999
Age (as of 2021) 21 Years old
Parents David Allen Turpin and Louise Ann
Place of Birth United State 
Nationality American
Marital Status  Not Married
Spouse/Partner Not Known
Children Note yet
Education University of Villanova
Profession Not Known
Net Worth Not Known
Last Update Nonember 2021

Jordan Turpin is a survivor of the "house of horrors" who helped to save her 12 siblings from their abusive parents. She was able to run and enlist the help of all of them.

Jordan and her sister Jennifer discussed the pain and misery they experienced within the Turpin house on a recent edition of the Diane Sawyer show, and how they managed to get out of that nightmare. She earned a lot of sympathy and admiration for her bravery on social media.

Early Life and Family

Jordan was born in Perris, California, and grew up in an abusive household with her 12 other siblings. According to reports, there are 10 sisters and three brothers. The surnames of her sister all begin with the letter "J." One of her sisters' name is Jennifer Turpin. Throughout their childhood, their parents kept them all locked up. Jordan Turpin is David and Louise Turpin's son. Both are sentenced to life in prison and are known as the House of Horrors in the case of abuse. Jordan graduated from high school a year after they were rescued, with her favourite subjects being English, Math, and Government.She enrolled in college, determined to learn more and advance her job, and she is currently pursuing her college diploma.

Personal Life

After everything that has occurred to her, she wishes to live in complete alone. We have no knowledge of her personal life. She may or may not be in a committed relationship, but she has never stated so. She has never been involved in a previous relationship. Jordan doesn't seem to be on any social networking platforms.

Jordan Turpin Family Story

Jordan’s father attempted to sexually abuse her when she was just 12 years old, leaving a lasting scar on her mind. Minor infractions, such as coloring outside the lines or misinterpreting a lesson, would result in whippings or hair pulling. According to sources, David and Louise had a number of their daughters chained to beds or furniture and would physically assault them for no apparent reason. Primary healthcare, nourishment, and security were denied to the youngsters.

She even stated that some of them were denied showers for a year and that their parents justified their torture by quoting Bible verses. The youngsters were denied any contact with the outside world while they were imprisoned.Jordan, on the other hand, was able to locate a phone, which served as her only means of communication with the outside world. She did recall, though, how her mother nearly strangled her to death when she was found on the phone viewing a Justin Bieber video.

It was becoming quite impossible for Jordan to see her siblings suffer any further. She chose to photograph the filthy living conditions and the way some of the girls were shackled to their beds in order to obtain documentation of the torture. Jordan overheard her mother declaring that they were going to Oklahoma on January 15, 2018, before she could transmit the proof to authorities. She escaped via an open window on January 14 because she didn’t want to waste any more time and dialed 911.

Professional Career

"It's really unrestrained," Jordan, now 21 years old, has said of her life since the rescue. This is life, and it's incredible." Although the prosecutor in the Turpin case, David Beecham, told People magazine that all of the Turpin siblings are happy, it was unknown what Jordan was doing in her personal life. One of the siblings had graduated from college, while the others were employed or enrolled in school. Some of them work and go to school, while others live on their own in their own apartment. Volunteer work is one way that some people give back to their communities. He also stated that the siblings talked with one another on a regular basis.

Many of the siblings have changed their names to avoid the shame of being a victim in such a high-profile case. Jordan, obviously, prefers a quiet existence and has opted to remain out of the spotlight following her ordeal. Despite this, she mustered her courage and appeared on a '20/20' episode with her sister, Jennifer, in which the siblings shared their traumatic ordeal. Jordan's perseverance is admirable, and we wish her luck and happiness in all of her future endeavours now that she is striving for a brighter future.