Kristin Christy ( Richard Christy Wife ) : Family, Net Worth, Parents, Husband, Children and Age

Cristin Christy is the partner of Richard Christy, an American drummer, radio personality, entertainer, and actor know all about her Family, Net Worth, Parents, Husband, Children and Age

Who is Richard Christy Wife Kristin Christ

Kristin Christy is the partner of Richard Christy, an American drummer, radio personality, entertainer, and actor. Kristin Christy’s precise age and date of birth are currently unavailable on the internet. Her physical look, however, leads us to believe she is in her 40s.

Kristin Christy and Richard Christy Marriege

In the year 2011, Kristin Christy married Richard Christy on July 30 in New York City. Carson Cain Christy, the couple’s first child, was born in 2017. “Bubby” is the name given to their child. Carson is also named after Carson Wentz, the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, Kristin’s favourite club.Furthermore, the couple intends to name their other kid Patrick after Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes if he is born.

Richard’s favourite team is the Kansas City Chiefs.Christy met Patrick Mahomes on the Howard Stern Wrap Up Show prior to Super Bowl LII and told him how much he loved him and that he wanted to name his next son after him. He is also a Kansas City Royals fan, and he and fellow Howard Stern Show co-worker Gary Dell’Abate attended the 2015 World Series together.

Richard Christy is a well-known drummer and musician from the United States. He works as an electrician as well. In the year 1992, he joined the Springfield and Public Assassin Missouri organisation. He is also the founder and former member of the band Burning Inside.Richard is also a stand-up comedian who has appeared in several stand-up comedies. He has directed and acted in a number of home-made independent films.

Kristin Christy Net Worth

Kristin Christy Net Worth is not exactly known yet but as per her husband they have Net Worth around $500K – $1 Million in 2022.

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Kristin Christy

Net Worth ( 2022 )

$500K – $1 Million

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Kristin Christy Ethnicity, Nationality

The ethnicity of Kristin Christy is unknown. She is an American citizen because she was born in the United States.

Who is Richard Christy

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