Kyle Rittenhouse : Family, Age, Parents, Shooting, Arrest, Charges and Bail

Kyle Rittenhouse, is a17-year-old Boy from Antioch, Illinois, shot and killed two people and wounded another during multiple confrontations at two locations On On August 25, 2020. know all about him as like

Kyle Rittenhouse : Family, Age, Parents,  Shooting, Arrest, Charges and Bail
Kyle Rittenhouse : Family, Parents, Arrest, Charges and Bail

Name Kyle Rittenhouse
Age 18 as per 2021
Nationality American
Parents Wendy Rittenhouse ( Mother )

Who was Kyle Rittenhouse ?

Kyle Rittenhouse, is a17-year-old Boy from Antioch, Illinois, shot and killed two people and wounded another during multiple confrontations at two locations On On August 25, 2020. He was armed with an AR-15 style rifle, and one among the individuals shot by Rittenhouse had a handgun.Kyle Rittenhouse was described as having participated in local police cadet programs and expressing support on social media for the Blue Lives Matter movement and enforcement .

In the hours leading up to the shooting, Rittenhouse appeared in multiple videos by protesters and bystanders, including in two interviews: One by a livestreamer at a car dealership where he and variety of other armed men had stationed themselves, the opposite by Daily Caller reporter Richie McGinniss. a number of the lads were affiliated with the Kenosha Guard,but they denied any affiliation with Rittenhouse and their leader said he never met or communicated with him.Rittenhouse was seen talking with cops ,and offering medical care to those that were injured.

According to his attorneys, after he had heard a few local business owner who wanted help defending his car dealership, he and his friend Dominick David Black "armed themselves with rifles" and visited that business.The dealership had suffered $1.5 million in arson damage the previous night.When McGinniss asked Rittenhouse why he was at the car dealership, he responded: "So, people are becoming injured, and our job is to guard this business. a part of my job is additionally to assist people. If there's somebody hurt, I'm running into harm’s way. That's why I even have my rifle, because I even have to guard myself, obviously. I even have my med kit." At some point, Rittenhouse left the dealership and was prevented by police from returning.

Arrest and Charges : Rittenhouse was arrested and charged with multiple counts of homicide and unlawful possession of a firearm, while Dominick Black was arrested and charged with unlawfully supplying Rittenhouse's rifle.On August 23, 2020, Jacob Blake, an African-American man, was shot fourfold within the back by a Kenosha policeman after he was tasered.

Blake was shot after he opened the door to his SUV, while leaning into the vehicle. he's paralyzed from the waist down.The police shooting was followed by protests as a part of the Black Lives Matter movement, which saw a resurgence within the wake of several other high-profile killings by cops in 2020. The Kenosha protests included rallies, marches, property damage, arson, and clashes with police.

In response to the George Floyd protests, which precipitated the Kenosha protests, former Kenosha alderman Kevin Mathewson announced the formation of a militia group he called the Kenosha Guard. On August 26, Rittenhouse turned himself in on charges of first-degree intentional homicide in his home state of Illinois.He was labeled a "fugitive from justice" within the criminal complaint, which alleged that he "fled the state of Wisconsin with intent to avoid prosecution for that offense."

He was assigned a lawyer and initially scheduled to seem at an extradition hearing on August 28.On that day, a judge granted an invitation to delay the hearing until September 25 in order that Rittenhouse could obtain his own counsel.Under Wisconsin state law,he are going to be charged as an adult. While awaiting extradition Rittenhouse was held during a juvenile facility in Illinois.

The complaint against Rittenhouse lists six charges:
- first-degree reckless homicide against Joseph Rosenbaum
- first-degree recklessly endangering safety against Richard McGinnis (a reporter who interviewed Rittenhouse before the shooting)
- first-degree intentional homicide against Anthony Huber
- attempted first-degree intentional homicide against Gaige Grosskreutz
- first-degree recklessly endangering safety against an unknown male victim
- possession of a dangerous weapon by an individual under 18 (the only misdemeanor charge, the others are felonies)

Each felony charge comes with a "use of a dangerous weapon" modifier,which invokes a Wisconsin law that prescribes an addition of no quite five years of imprisonment for every of the fees if found guilty.According to the prosecutors, the gun was "later recovered by enforcement and identified as a Smith & Wesson AR-15 style .223 rifle".In a jailhouse interview with The Washington Post, Rittenhouse said he cashed a coronavirus stimulus check to get 

Kyle Rittenhouse Bail: Rittenhouse was released from detention on November 20, after his attorneys posted $2 million bail.His release came to visit the objections of relations and lawyers for 3 of the lads he shot, who had asked for higher bail and expressed concerns that Rittenhouse may flee, which his lawyers assured wouldn't occur.Rittenhouse pleaded acquitted to all or any charges on January 5, 2021.

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