Liam Rogers Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Age, Father

Liam Rogers Family

Liam Rogers (Chef) has won the hearts of millions with his heartwarming taste of food know all about Liam Rogers Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Age, Father.

Liam Rogers Bio / Wikipedia

Liam Rogers has won the hearts of millions with his heartwarming taste of food. The judges of the MasterChef UK are impressed with his cooking style and way of presenting food on the table.

Liam Rogers Family, Parents

Liam Rogers is a professional chef from Warrington, Cheshire, Northwest England. He grew up with his two brothers in his hometown while learning culinary art.Rogers graduated from Bridgewater High School with excellent grades. Furthermore, he enrolled at Warrington Collegiate. Later, he earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Catering and Hospitality from the university.Liam started his culinary career as a pastry chef at Restaurant Andrew Fairlie. Furthermore, he served as a junior sous chef at Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms. He is currently working in Scotland at Gleneagles since last Christmas of 2020.

Liam Rogers Wife, Is Liam Rogers Married

Liam Rogers is currently dating a British girl named Meg Dacey. They have been enjoying their companionship for many years.Currently, the duo is staying in a long-distance relationship because of Liam’s culinary job in Scotland. Meanwhile, his girlfriend is still living in England.

Liam Rogers Father

Liam Rogers’ father, Tom Rogers, is a native of London, England, U.K. His dad currently lives with his beloved wife (Liam’s mom) in Warrington.Rogers found his real interest in cooking at the age of six when his dad, Tom let him sit on the pass of the kitchen of his restaurant. So, he could watch him work and annoy all the chefs who used to call him a little bandit.

Liam Rogers Age

Born in 1996, Liam Rogers recently turned 25 years old in 2021. During the time of filming MasterChef UK, he was 24.

Professional Career

Rogers entered the top cooking competition, MasterChef: The Professionals UK, to test his mettle on November 8, 2021. He thought about pushing himself and going to the next level, so MasterChef was the perfect opportunity during the lockdown.What is more, Liam’s biggest challenge has been juggling his time between MasterChef, work and a long-distance relationship. It’s been a lot to handle, but he’s impressed at how well he handled the finals. He never imagined he’d be able to do it.Rogers would like to go into the new year cooking with his own and a lot more at pop-ups. He would also like food festivals and dinners with his fellow industry chefs.

Liam has the travel bug and is hoping to move away to widen his knowledge and explore something completely different, perhaps to Copenhagen or Japan. It has always been a dream to work abroad in a 3-star restaurant for him.Rogers’ goal is to have two or three-star restaurants. He aims high and is excited about the future with a handful of other brasseries to his name. But, first of all, he has to go through the MasterChef UK final on Thursday, December 16, 2021.

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