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Michael  Lindell
Michael  Lindell
Name Michael J. Lindell
Birthdate ( Age) 28 June 1961
Place of Birth Mankato, Minnesota, United States
Nationality American
Marital Status  Married
Wife/Partner Dallas Yocum (m. 2013–2013)
Children Heather Lueth, Darren Lindell, Charlie Lindell, Lizzy Meyers
Parents Name not known
Profession CEO of My Pillow
Net Worth $330 million
Last Update May 2022

Michael James Lindell  also known as the My Pillow Guy,is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and conspiracy theorist who is the founder and CEO of My Pillow, Inc., a pillow, bedding, and slipper manufacturing company.He is the founder of the Lindell Foundation, a non-profit that helps drug addicts by providing treatments and other services.

Lindell is a prominent supporter of, and advisor to, former U.S. President Donald Trump. He has, without evidence, promoted the toxic plant extract oleandrin as a COVID-19 cure and supported attempts to overturn the 2020 United States presidential election.

Michael  Lindell Family and Parents

Lindell was born in 1961 in Mankato, Minnesota. He was raised in Chaska and Carver, Minnesota. Lindell’s gambling addiction began to emerge in his teenager years, preluding his downfall to addiction.He attended the University of Minnesota after high school,but dropped out a few months into his studies. After leaving the university, Lindell focused his efforts into entrepreneurial business.

Mike Lindell Wife

Lindell has been married twice. His first marriage ended in divorce after about 20 years, and he has children from this marriage.He married Dallas Yocum in June 2013 and filed for divorce in mid-July 2013 after she left him. Lindell stated that they had a prenuptial agreement.

Mike Lindell Net Worth

Michael  Lindell  also known as the My Pillow Guy,is an American businessman, entrepreneur, and conspiracy theorist who is the founder and CEO of My Pillow has an estimated Net Worth of $330 million in 2021. The earnings listed mainly come from her salary and brand endorsements.

Professional Career

In the 1980s, Lindell launched and operated a number of small businesses, including carpet cleaning, lunch wagons, and a few bars and restaurants in Carver County, Minnesota.In his 20s, Lindell became addicted to and a frequent user of cocaine. This addiction became worse after crack cocaine was introduced to the market in the 1990s.Lindell was also incurring gambling debts. The build up of his addictions between 1980s and 1990s, lead to the foreclosure of his house, and his wife filing for divorce. Lindell stated that he achieved sobriety through prayer in 2009.

My Pillow — Lindell invented the My Pillow pillow in 2004 and grew the business into a major Minnesota manufacturing company.In 2017, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) revoked accreditation of My Pillow, lowering its rating to an F based on a pattern of complaints by consumers. The BBB cited a buy one, get one free offer that became a continuous offer and therefore the normal price of the product, not a sale price or free offer.In a statement, Lindell said, “Naturally, I am terribly disappointed by the BBB’s decision.”

In 2020, Lindell named his son Darren as the company’s chief operating officer, citing his own possible future political ambitions.In 2021, some major retailers stopped carrying My Pillow products. Lindell has suggested that this is a result of his claims relating to the 2020 United States presidential election results, although outlets like Kohl’s and Bed, Bath and Beyond have stated this is due to market research and low customer demand.

Political activities — In August 2016, Lindell met with then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and became an avid supporter, calling Trump “the most amazing president this country has ever seen in history”, following his 2016 election victory.In a speech at Liberty University in August 2019, Lindell said “When I met with Donald Trump, it felt like a divine appointment, and when I walked out of that office I decided I was going to go all in.”

On October 19, 2016, Lindell attended the final presidential debate in Las Vegas. He spoke at a Trump campaign rally in Minneapolis on November 6, 2016, and attended the Official Donald Watch Party on November 8. He attended Trump’s inauguration, and Trump gave him an inauguration lapel pin as a personal gift.

On January 15, 2021, Lindell carried a document into the West Wing of the White House; the document, as seen in an enhanced photo, appeared to refer to martial law and the Insurrection Act, as well as replacing Gina Haspel with Trump loyalist Kash Patel as the CIA director.

Lindell promoted a conspiracy theory, popular with Trump supporters, that falsely claimed that voting machine companies Smartmatic and Dominion conspired with foreign powers to rig voting machines to steal the election from Trump. In January and February 2021, Dominion warned Lindell that they planned to sue him, stating in their letter: “You have positioned yourself as a prominent leader of the ongoing misinformation campaign.”

On January 25, 2021, Twitter permanently banned Lindell for perpetuating the unfounded claim that Trump won the 2020 election. A Twitter spokesperson explained that Lindell violated the company’s civic integrity policy implemented in September 2020 to fight disinformation.After his personal account was banned, Lindell circumvented the ban by using the corporate My Pillow Twitter account to issue several tweets, including a call for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to “be found out and should be put in prison when all is revealed!” Following the tweets, Twitter permanently banned the My Pillow account for violating the platform’s ban evasion policy.

After Newsmax had broadcast a “clarification” of its false reporting on voting machine fraud in response to a demand letter from Dominion, followed by a defamation suit from a company executive,Lindell appeared on the network on February 2, 2021, to repeat the false claims, as network anchor Bob Sellers tried to stop Lindell before reading a disclaimer and walking off the set.

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