Mostafa Baluch : Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Background, Arrest and Investigation

A fugitive dubbed “Australia’s most wanted man” has been arrested during an elaborate attempt know all about him in this article as like his Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Background, Arrest and Investigation

Who is Mostafa Baluch

A fugitive dubbed “Australia’s most wanted man” has been arrested during an elaborate attempt to cross a state border, police say.Mostafa Baluch, 33, sparked a 17-day nationwide manhunt after allegedly cutting off an ankle bracelet which had tracked his whereabouts in Sydney.Authorities said they pulled over a lorry after receiving a tipoff.

Mostafa Baluch Family and Parents

As they convene crisis talks, the family of an alleged drug kingpin who ripped off his ankle monitor and fled has demanded that their ‘privacy’ be respected. On Wednesday, at least four of Mostafa Baluch’s relatives remained at the Bayview family home on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, including his immigrant parents.

While cleaners scrubbed up inside, they were spotted huddled on the balcony of the $4 million expansive mansion, which they will lose unless Baluch gives himself up as it was offered as his bail where he was last seen.Baluch is thought to have spent his final weekend before fleeing with family and friends at multiple goodbye barbeques.

Baluch’s elderly father told Daily Mail Australia that he and his family have no idea where the fugitive could be since he allegedly departed the state on Monday night while tradesmen came and went to work on the house next door. Inside the house, a younger woman agreed, claiming the family ‘knows nothing,’ before another girl added that they were dealing with the repercussions as a family.

Baluch followed his parents in opening his own restaurant, Cervo, in Northbridge, where he also worked as a chef.But the venture didn’t last long, and he’s now facing life in prison accused of masterminding a drug importation syndicate the likes of which NSW Police has ‘never seen before’.

Mostafa Baluch Wife, Is Mostafa Baluch Married

As per Mostafa Baluch profile he keeps his personal life private and there is no any information is available either he is married or in any relationship.He has not any kid now.

Mostafa Baluch Net Worth

Officely there is not any exect net worth information of Mostafa and his family but they have $4 million expansive mansion and as per report their parents has restaurant business so his family has an estimated Net Worth around $10 Million.

Mostafa Baluch Arrest and Investigation

By 10.45pm Monday, police allege Baluch had cut off his ankle monitor tracking device and fled his home. Detectives on Thursday released two pictures of Baluch in the hours leading to his disappearance.The first of the pictures, taken during the day, shows Baluch smiling easily in Mona Vale.

A second image, taken after he was on the run, was CCTV footage of Baluch in a black car with Queensland number plates, reportedly flying down the M4 Motorway near Croydon – 50 minutes’ drive from his house – about 2.30am. Two other people were also in the car. Detectives have reason to suspect he fled to Bankstown Airport, where a private jet was waiting to fly him out of NSW.

Detective Superintendent Rob Critchlow, head of NSW Police organised crime, alleged Baluch was offering money to criminal networks to fly him out of the state.’But we do believe that he is still in Australia,’ he said. It is not clear where he might’ve travelled, but an international manhunt is underway.

For locals in his quiet neighbourhood – home to the likes of silver screen star Rebecca Gibney and her husband Richard Bell – there’s an absolute disbelief that he was ever freed.A local cafe owner said he can’t work out why a magistrate ever agreed to bail when it put the community at such a heightened risk.He hadn’t seen Baluch in months and assumed he’d been keeping a low profile.Despite Baluch’s imposing stature, the cafe owner says he never had a reason to dislike or fear him.

‘He was always polite. Quiet, though. He said hello, got his coffee and would always go,’ he said.He was floored when cops arrived at his waterfront cafe asking questions about the alleged drug dealer.Police returned on Tuesday morning when they learned Baluch had fled to again ask questions.

Baluch was arrested as part of the international AN0M raids, and has since been described as ‘Australia’s Pablo Escobar’.In October 2020, the US Navy intercepted a boat off the coast of Colombia with 870kg of cocaine on board. In April 2020, a second boat was intercepted with 900kg of cocaine near Ecuador.

‘I’m sick of having to remind the legal fraternity that we’re not dealing with parking tickets, we’re dealing with international drug lords who are associated with terrorism, kidnapping and prostitution, but more importantly want our kids to take drugs that will kill them.’

Mr Elliott said he had spoken to Police Commissioner Mick Fuller about the difficulties in capturing the escapee.’This will be a tough job for the NSW police – make no mistake,’ he said.The Australian Federal Police and its international law enforcement partners are also involved.

‘We’ve got the technology, we’ve got the manpower, we’ve got the international law enforcement credentials but of course we’ve also got to explain to some of those international law enforcement organisations how he was lost,’ Mr Elliott said.

Police ‘work their guts out to keep our community safe’ and had been ‘let down by the system’, he said.’We’re dealing with international drug lords who are associated with things like terrorism or kidnapping or prostitution,’ Mr Elliott said.’This guy was (allegedly) part of an international racket with levels of drugs we have never seen before. The police expressly advised the court ‘he is a bad guy’.

Detectives are now appealing for any dashcam footage that could help identify the movements of the Range Rover with a Queensland registration plate reading 861CU3.Anyone who has video and had been in the Mona Vale or Bayview areas near Pittwater Road from Monday until Wednesday or the M4 motorway near Croydon early on Tuesday morning are being urged to come forward.Baluch faces life in prison if he is captured and convicted.