Naomi Wolf : Family, Net Worth , Parents, Husband, Children, Education and Biography

Naomi Rebekah Wolf is an American author and journalist know all about her in this article as like her Family, Net Worth , Parents, Husband, Children, Education and Biography

Name Naomi Wolf
Birthdate ( Age) 12 November 1962
Birthplace San Francisco, California, United States
Marital Status Married
Husband/Partner  David Shipley (m. 1993–2005) , Brian William ( Present)
Children Rosa Shipley, Joseph Shipley
Profession  American author and journalist
Parents Deborah Goleman Wolf ( Mother), Leonard Wolf ( Father)
Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million

Naomi Rebekah Wolf is an American author and journalist.Following her first book the sweetness Myth she became a number one spokeswoman of what has been described because the third wave of the feminism .

Feminists including Steinem and Friedan praised the work; others, including Camille Paglia, criticized it. within the 1990s, she was a political advisor to the presidential campaigns of Clinton and Gore .

Early Life and Family

Wolf was born in San Francisco , to a Jewish family.Her mother is Deborah Goleman Wolf, an anthropologist and therefore the author of The Lesbian Community. Her father was Leonard Wolf, a Romanian-born scholar of gothic horror novels, academician at the University of California, Berkeley, and Yiddish translator. Leonard Wolf died from advanced paralysis agitans on March 20, 2019.Wolf features a brother, Aaron, and a half-brother, Julius, from her father’s earlier relationship; it remained his secret until his daughter was in her 30s.

She attended Lowell highschool and debated in regional speech tournaments as a member of the Lowell Forensic Society.Wolf attended Yale University receiving her Bachelor of Arts in English literature in 1984. From 1985 to 1987, she was a Rhodes scholar at New College, Oxford.Her initial period at Oxford University was difficult for Wolf as she experienced “raw sexism, overt snobbery and casual antisemitism”.

Naomi Wolf Husband

Naomi first marriage was in 1993 to journalist David Shipley, then an editor at The ny Times. The couple had two children, a son and daughter.Naomi and Shipley divorced in 2005.

On November 23, 2018, Naomi Wolf married Brian William O’Shea, a disabled United States Army veteran, PI , and owner of Striker Pierce Investigations. consistent with a replacement York Times article published in November 2018, Wolf and O’Shea met in 2014 following threats on the web made against Naomi after she reported on human rights violations within the Middle East and contacts recommended O’Shea.

Naomi Wolf Net Wrth

Naomi Rebekah Wolf is an American author and journalist who has an estimated Net Worth $1 Million – $5 Million in 2021.

Professional Career

Political consultant : Wolf was involved in Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election bid, brainstorming with the president’s team about ways to succeed in female voters.Hired by Dick Morris, she wanted Morris to market Clinton as “The Good Father”, and a protector of “the American house”.During Al Gore’s bid for the presidency within the 2000 election, Wolf was hired to figure as a consultant.

Wolf’s ideas and participation within the Gore campaign generated considerable media coverage.According to a report by Michael Duffy and Karen Tumulty in Time, Wolf was paid a salary of $15,000 (by November 1999, $5,000) per month”in exchange for advice on everything from the way to win the women’s vote to shirt-and-tie combinations.” this text was the first source of the assertion that Wolf was liable for Gore’s “three-buttoned, earth-toned look.”

The Beauty Myth : In 1991, Wolf gained international attention as a spokeswoman of third-wave feminism from the publication of her first book the sweetness Myth, a world bestseller.It was named “one of the seventy most influential books of the 20 th century” by The ny Times.She argues that “beauty” as a normative value is entirely socially constructed, which the patriarchy determines the content of that construction with the target of maintaining women’s subjugation.

Fire with Fire : In Fire with Fire (1993), Wolf writes on politics, female empowerment and women’s sexual liberation. She wished to influence women to reject “victim feminism” for “power feminism.” She argued for diminishing the difficulty of opposing men, avoiding divisive issues like abortion and therefore the rights of lesbians and considering more universal issues like violence against women, pay disparities and harassment .

Mary Nemeth in Maclean’s wrote that her “central thesis that when Anita Hill in 1991 accused U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of harassment she provoked a ‘genderquake’ that turned American women into ‘the political ruling class’seems grossly exaggerated.”Melissa Benn within the London Review of Books described it as Wolf’s “call for a realpolitik during which ‘sisterhood and capital’ could be allies”.

Promiscuities : Promiscuities (1997) reports on and analyzes the shifting patterns of up to date adolescent sexuality. Wolf argues that literature is rife with samples of male coming-of-age stories, covered autobiographically by D. H. Lawrence, Tobias Wolff, J. D. Salinger and Hemingway ,covered misogynistically by Miller , Roth and Mailer . Wolf insists that female accounts of adolescent sexuality are </span

The End of America : In the top of America, Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot (2007), Wolf takes a historical check out the increase of fascism, outlining 10 steps necessary for a fascist group (or government) to destroy the democratic character of a nation-state.The book details how this pattern was implemented in Third Reich , Fascist Italy, et al. , and analyzes its emergence and application of all the ten steps in American politics since the 9/11 attacks.

Conspiracy theories : within the January 2013 issue of The Atlantic, law and business professor Mark Nuckols wrote: “In her various books, articles, and public speeches, Wolf has demonstrated recurring disregard for the historical document and consistently mutilated the reality with selective and ultimately deceptive use of her sources.” He further stated: “When she distorts facts to advance her political agenda, she dishonors the victims of history and poisons present-day public discourse about problems with vital importance to a free society.