Owen Hurcum : Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Children, Education and Biography

Bowen Hurcum the world’s first non-binary mayor of Bangor City Council in Gwynedd know all about him in this article as like his Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Children, Education and Biography

Name Owen Hurcum
Birthdate ( Age) 23
Birthplace Harrow, United Kingdom
Gender Non-Binary
Wife/Partner NA
Children Not Yet
Parents NA
Profession Mayor
Net Worth NA

Bowen Hurcum, 23,became mayor after they were chosen by fellow councillors on Bangor City Council in Gwynedd.The world’s first non-binary mayor and Wales’ youngest ever elected mayor, Owen has secured their position in Wales’ history books.

Early Life and Family

Bangor University graduate Owen J Hurcum came out as non-binary in 2019.This week, they were elected to be mayor of Bangor in Gwynedd, North WalesThe 23-year-old had feared their community would ostracise them for being non-binary but instead they were unanimously elected into office to serve.

The graduate grew up in Harrow, London and has 4,000 followers on Twitter and posted a photograph of themselves alongside the tweet wearing a sheer black blouse and traditional mayoral chains and ruffles, with a tricorne hat.Hurcum has lived within the north Wales city of Gwynedd for five years after arriving within the city to review at Bangor University.

Last year, Owen was featured on WalesOnline’s Pinc List for the extraordinary and selfless work they’ve done for the LGBT+ community here in Wales. Speaking on countless panel discussions and being a vocal advocate, Owen’s work is a true reflection of their character.

Polirical Career

Hurcum took an interest in politics while attending university, North Wales Live reported. before becoming deputy mayor, they served as a city councilor for four years.Love and support rolled certain Bangor’s new mayor, describing them as “a trailblazer and example to all”, with many saying they were moved to tears by the news.

Owen’s new position is a snapshot of recent politics in Wales. Owen said they owe their confidence and skill to flourish as a councillor to colleagues in Bangor council .”City councils have a reputation of being filled with old stuffy people with out of date ideas and out of touch policies, which couldn’t be beyond the reality ,” Owen said.

Responding to the congratulations, alongside a photograph of them in a fantastic t-shirt that read “they/ them/ the mayor”, Hurcum wrote: “I just want to mention an enormous diolch to all or any the stunning messages that are still coming in.Earlier this year, Hurcum stepped down as a Plaid Cymru candidate for the Welsh Parliament elections, insisting that the party “platforms transphobia”.

Referencing Plaid Cymru politician Helen Mary Jones, a Senedd member at the time and a “gender-critical feminist” who tweeted that she is “concerned, like many of us including trans people, about the possible impacts of the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act and therefore the rights of girls and girls”, Hurcum said they might not “in good conscience stand as a candidate for Plaid whilst they still platform a candidate who has promoted, and continues to market , transphobia”

Owen identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. Non-binary is widely recognised under the transgender umbrella and is taken into account a minority within the LGBT+ spectrum.

Their work has been inspiring over the years, and their new position breaks down the stereotypical scope of local and general politics across the world . With the news amassing over 43,000 likes on Twitter and going viral, the news has touched the lives of countless LGBT+ people already showcasing that queer people are able to do big in politics.