Peter Foster : Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Children , Imprisonment and Investigation

Peter Clarence Foster is an Australian career criminal know all about him in this article as like his Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Children , Imprisonment and Investigation

Who is Peter Foster

Name Peter Foster
Birthdate  26 September 1962
Age (as of 2021)  59 years
Place of Birth Queensland, Australia
Nationality Australian
Marital Status  Not Married
Spouse/Partner Not Known
Children Not KNown
Parents Louise Poletti
Education Not Known
Profession Australian career criminal
Net Worth $5 Million ( Estimated )
Last Update December 2021

Peter Clarence Foster is an Australian career criminal who has been imprisoned in Australia, Britain, the United States, and Vanuatu for a variety of offences related to weight loss and other scams as well as absconding from justice. His convictions range from fraud and money laundering to contempt of court and resisting arrest.Foster was also in the headlines for his role in helping Cherie Blair, wife of British prime minister Tony Blair, buy properties in Bristol at a discounted rate. Foster has described himself as an “international man of mischief”.

Early Life and Family

Foster began marketing and selling products at 19 years of age. Nicknamed “kid tycoon” and the “milkshake tycoon”,Foster was promoting themed nights at a Gold Coast discothèque two years before he was legally allowed in the club and became a boxing promoter at 17.At 20, Foster was fined £75,000 by an Australian court for attempting to make a fraudulent insurance claim when a boxing match he was promoting fell through.

The following year, Foster became a television producer and filmed a documentary with Muhammad Ali while living several weeks with him in his home in Los Angeles.He was declared bankrupt after promoting an Ali bout in Australia that did not eventuate and marketing a method for quitting smoking.

Peter Foster Wife, Is Peter Foster Married

Peter Foster is possibely not married .But as per Daily mail he was in relationship with a woman named Carole Caplin who was good friends with Cherie Blair, wife of then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Peter Foster Foster

Peter Clarence Foster is an Australian career criminal who has been imprisoned in Australia he has invilved in many scame and scandles there is no any officialy statment is available about his worth but we can estimate he has an estimated net worth around $5 Million.

Bai Lin Tea and Chow Low Tea weight loss scams

Muhammad Ali’s third wife, model Veronica Ali, introduced him to Bai Lin tea,which Foster went on to market in Australia as an “ancient Chinese diet secret” for weight loss.The company went bankrupt while under investigation by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), whereupon he took the tea to the United Kingdom, hiring Samantha Fox to promote it.Under testing, the tea was proven to be ordinary black China tea and Mr Foster’s company was fined £5,000 in 1988 for breaching the UK Trade Descriptions Act.

However, Foster fled Britain to the United States where he remarketed it as Chow Low Tea. Advertisements in The New York Times and The Washington Post claimed the tea lowered the cholesterol levels of its consumers no matter what they ate. The fraudulent claims saw him convicted for conspiracy to commit grand theft and he served four months in a Los Angeles prison.Fraudulently stating that a food product could lower cholesterol was an offence under California law .

Foster was arrested in Australia on a British extradition warrant, but absconded on bail to be rearrested in February 1998. He spent over 18 months in prison in Brisbane fighting extradition, claiming his life would be at risk if he returned because he was an informant against corrupt prison officers.He was returned to Britain and imprisoned in 2000 for a further 33 months at St Albans Crown Court for using fraudulent documents to obtain credit for a company, Foremost Body Corporation, that sold thigh-reduction cream.

Activity in Australia

On Foster’s return from Ireland in 2003, the ACCC moved to freeze his assets and seize his passport over an investigation into the Chaste Corporation and its sale of bogus TRIMit weight loss pills. The company hid Foster’s involvement, and its advertising claimed the pills were 700% more effective than their rivals. Foster’s business partner, Barrister, Sean Cousins, promoted the pills, kept silent on Foster’s involvement in the business and the fact he knew the pills didn’t work.The scam netted at least $1 million from 70 people who paid up to $42,000 each for the rights to distribute the pills.

In September 2005, Foster and Chaste Corporation were fined by the Federal Court for price fixing as well as misleading and deceptive conduct.Foster was also banned for five years from being involved directly or indirectly in any cosmetic, health industry-related or weight-loss business.In 2006, the Federal Court dismissed Foster’s appeal against the five-year ban and ordered him to pay the ACCC’s court costs.In 2009, Cousins was struck off as a legal practitioner over his role in the scam.

In 2003, Foster complained to the Australian Press Council about articles that appeared in The Courier-Mail on 10, 11 and 12 March.He complained that the articles said he had “fleeced” or “duped” investors.The APC noted that although the Courier-Mail was “extremely tardy” in its response to complaints from Foster, the paper published a clarification on its letters page on 7 October 2003 and agreed to make a note of the clarification on its online copies.

In a second complaint, Foster objected to the same paper referring to him as a “convicted conman” in items published on 4 and 29 July 2003.The Press Council noted that Foster had himself offered evidence of convictions dating back to 1982, resulting in a substantial fine and four separate periods of imprisonment.After complaints to the paper, it published a statement on 6 October 2003 that it had asked its staff to not refer to Foster by that phrase.

On 20 August 2020, Foster was arrested in Port Douglas on alleged links to an international sports trading scam.In May 2021, an arrest warrant was issued for Foster after he failed to attend court at the Downing Centre.On 7 December 2021 Foster was again arrested in Victoria.

Foster made a separate complaint about an article in The Sydney Morning Herald of 22 August 2003 which had referred to him as a “fraudster”. He challenged the use of the word using the definition of fraud in the Macquarie Dictionary, but the Press Council found that the word “fraudster” had been used accurately and dismissed his complaint.



Deported from Vanuatu, Foster was charged on arrival in Australia and pleaded guilty to fraud and money laundering charges over the forgery of documents to fraudulently gain a $US300,000 loan from the Bank of the Federated States of Micronesia. He’d transferred some of the funds illegally into Australian bank accounts.Foster claimed he’d taken out the loan to develop a tourist resort on Yasawa Island, but the court found he’d transferred funds from the loan account to pay his girlfriend’s rent on her Gold Coast home, repay credit card debts and channel funds into family related businesses.He was released on parole at the start of May 2009 after serving eighteen months of a four-and-a-half-year sentence.

In December 2015 Australian police began investigating allegations that Foster had tried to hire a hitman to kill private investigator Ken Gamble.Gamble had reportedly discovered proceeds from Fosters’ most recent crime.The home of Fosters’ mother and a property in Byron Bay had been raided and phones seized, but there were no indications that Foster’s mother played a part.Foster had not commented by the end of December and police declined to comment as it was an ongoing investigation.