Pole Assassin ( Jeff Banks Girlfriend ) : Family, Net Worth, Parents, Age, Wiki Bio and Instagram

The  Pole Assassin is best known as the girlfriend of Jeff Banks Makes News After Monkey Story know all about her Family, Net Worth, Parents, Age, Wiki Bio and Instagram

The  Pole Assassin is best known as the girlfriend of Jeff Banks, an American football coach and former player. Recently, Dani Thomas made headlines after his pet monkey Jia attacked an innocent girl. The incident took place on October 31, 2021, according to the source the white-faced capuchin monkey Giga attacked the girl but no one came forward about the bite.

Who is Pole Assassin?

Jeff Banks’ girlfriend Pole Assasin is believed to be a stripper. Her real name is Danielle Thomas.Some sources also claim that Danielle is actually Jeff Banks’ real wife. Her actual relationship with him, however, is unknown.Banks and Pole Assasin are reportedly dating since the beginning of 2017.She has a private account on the Instagram platform. Her handle name is @poleassassin_ and has a huge 66 thousand followers.Banks apparently left his wife and kids to be with a stripper. He was the center of all sorts of negative attention on Monday.

In 2011, Dani Thomas owned a website ‘poleassassin.com’ currently it’s not active, the about section reads “We have created and new and unique way to have fun with close friends no matter the occasion. Bachelorette Party, Birthday Party, Divorce Party, Holiday Party, Bridal Shower, I’m Over Him Party, Book Club Party, Mom’s Group Party, Corporate Events, Girls Night In Party. You pick the occasion. Our parties will help you build self- esteem and self-confidence, as it is a very empowering experience. You will learn how to display a more positive and natural body language allowing you to become more comfortable with your own sensuality and express yourself freely.

 Pole Assassin Age?

Her real age and birthday details are not available anywhere.Danielle Thomas turned professional on February 23, 2017. She has appeared on Jerry Springer! Show.

Pole Assassin Net Worth

The estimated Net Worth of Dani Thomas aka Pole Assassin is between $500k .

Jeff Banks Girlfriend Has A Pet Monkey

Pole Assasin aka Danielle Thomas is known for having a pet monkey.The animal has been named Gia. She is a white capuchin who also has an Instagram profile.Gia goes by the handle name @monkey_gia and has 8.7 thousand followers.

Pole Assasin and Gia both perform together in the stripper acts. The duo has performed pole dance on The Jerry Springer! Show. Danielle is an avid animal lover. She is very emotional about supporting the animals mentioned in her bio.

Recently, Pole Assasin’s monkey has been accused of biting a trick or treater. It has sparked a new controversy.In fact, the money owner is not denying that any such incident happened. She tweeted about the incident on November 2, 2021.

On Twitter, Dani confirmed that her pet monkey attacked the girl, writing “I had a haunted house on one side. He was not allowed to cross the gate. I didn’t know he walked into my backyard,” and said “nor did I know anything about biting!” until a doctor in the neighborhood told me they treated a small bite. None of the parents have contacted me about it! “