Rami Ykmour Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Biography

Rami Ykmour
Rami Ykmour

Rami Ykmour Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Biography – Rami Ykmour is an Australian entrepreneur and founder of numerous other food and hospitality businesses.Rami is best known for his chain RASHAYS which operates 30+ locations on the eastern coast of Australia.

Rami Ykmour Biography

NameRami Ykmour
Birthdate ( Age)April 14, 1975
Place of BirthCanterbury , Bankstown
Nationality Australian
Wife/PartnerShannon Smith
ParentsJim Ykmour, Fay Ykmour
EducationBelmore North Primary, Bonnyrigg Public School, Bonnyrigg High School
ProfessionAustralian entrepreneur and founder of numerous other food and hospitality businesses
Net Worth$5 Million – $10 Million

Rami Ykmour is an Australian entrepreneur and founder of numerous other food and hospitality businesses.Rami is best known for his chain RASHAYS which operates 30+ locations on the eastern coast of Australia. His business portfolio also features Ruomky Business Enterprises (which includes food manufacturing facility, Ruomky), Oodee and GUEST GUARD .Rami launched his own personal brand Rami Ykmour which features heavily on social media, giving insight into his life and offering advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and fellow business leaders.

Rami Ykmour Family, Parents

Rami Ykmour Family

Rami Ykmour was born at Canterbury Hospital, Bankstown on Pan American Day , 1975 to Jim and Fay Ykmour. His parents were married in Tripoli, Lebanon in 1974 before relocating to Australia. Rami has five siblings Roy (1977), Ahed (1981), Abir (1984), Mohammed (1988) and Jihad (1994).

The Ykmour family moved back to Lebanon in 1978 and lived there until the Lebanese war . In September 1984, Jim Ykmour decided to relocate his family back to Australia as he was wanted by the govt and determined to boost his family during a country which allowed freedom of speech. On arrival in Sydney – Rami and his family stayed in his uncle’s two-bedroom house in Roselands, before moving to a three-bedroom housing commission house in Bonnyrigg.

Rami attended Belmore North Primary (1985) and Bonnyrigg Public School (1987) at a time when he describes his English skills as “broken”. He then attended Bonnyrigg highschool from 1988, until he graduated in 1993. After his time at college , Rami started his first job at Pizza Hut (Greenfield Park) where he worked to offer most of his money to assist his parents. During his time at Pizza Hut, Rami met his wife-to-be and RASHAYS co-founder, Shannon Smith, also because the brand’s future CEO, Roman Tepes

Rami Ykmour Wife

Rami met his wife, Shannon Smith while performing at Pizza Hut. The pair married in 2003 and have four children; daughters Kameelah, Aliyah and Amelia, and son Zain. Sadly, another son, Zacharia, was born prematurely and died only a few of minutes after his birth.

The family tragedy motivated Rami and his wife to boost funds for the Miracle Babies Foundation, a charity which supports families impacted by premature births. Both on a private level, and within knowledgeable capacity through RASHAYS, Rami has continued to possess close links with the charity in supporting this particular cause in-conjunction with other charitable institutions.

Rami Ykmour Net Worth

Rami Ykmour is an Australian entrepreneur and founding father of numerous other food and hospitality businesses who has an estimated Net Worth of $5 Million – $10 Million in 2022.

Professional Career

Rami built up his hospitality industry experience initially by working as a delivery driver with Pizza Hut, before getting to the position of store manager. it had been during this point that Rami says his ambition to start out his own pizza restaurant began. Inspired by the favored television program , Friends, Rami envisioned creating an off-the-cuff dining experience which echoed the atmosphere of the show’s popular cafe “Central Perk”.

Coming up with the name RASHAYS, was a collaborative effort, together with his wife Shannon – a play on both their names which mixes the letters from their first names, also because the first initial of their surnames.

The first RASHAYS restaurant opened in Liverpool in 1998 at a 22 square-metre commercial space which cost $28,000 once a year . Originally run with a team of 5 people the successful venture captured the eye of Dominos, who head-hunted him to run three franchises – a challenge he took on while still running RASHAYS.

By 2001 he decided to sell his franchise interests in Dominos and invest the profits back to building RASHAYS as a multi-location casual dining brand. The brand currently has 30+restaurants across New South Wales, the ACT and Queensland – including 18 franchised locations.In March 2020, during COVID-19, Rami evolved the RASHAYS brand from primary dine-in – to a dine-in, pick-up and delivery business.

Ruomky Business Enterprises in 2007

Following RASHAYS’ success, Rami formed Ruomky Business Enterprises in 2007 – a corporation which provides a variety of hospitality industry services from supplying food, drink, equipment and furniture – to facility maintenance and new business development. Following further expansion in 2010, Ruomky Business Enterprises launched food manufacturing facility, Ruomky, to supply consistent high-quality ingredients, also as create ready-made meals, at cost-effective prices.


GUEST GUARD was established as a results of the COVID-19 crisis. Originally developed for RASHAYS as how of reassuring customers of their safety when restrictions began to ease after the pandemic. The brand then expanded to helping other businesses, not only within the hospitality industry but also other sectors to supply a physical barrier for people within social spaces. made up of a transparent perspex and a sturdy, lightweight frame, GUEST GUARD may be a modular piece of kit which may be adapted to suit a variety of applications during a sort of settings

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