Where is Robert Schellenberg now?

Where is Robert Schellenberg now

Back in November 2018, Schellenberg was given a prison sentence of 15 years in China for allegedly smuggling drugs! Crazy, right?! Smuggling Just one month after Meng’s detention at Vancouver Airport due to a U.S. warrant, Schellenberg was retried and given the death sentence in 2019.

Meng’s extradition ordeal has been resolved and she is back in China! Lots of people are speculating that Schellenberg’s death sentence could be commuted, but others are worried that this won’t have much of an effect on his case.

Jerome Cohen, the creator and faculty director emeritus of NYU’s U.S.-Asia Law Institute, predicted that, in response to Meng’s return, China’s Supreme People’s Court will put Schellenberg’s death sentence on hold for two years.

After which, Schellenberg could potentially be given a life sentence, or alternatively, just get sentenced to what he was initially sentenced for.

Donald Clarke, an esteemed law professor from George Washington University and connoisseur in Chinese law, recently stated that it’s absolutely possible, feasible and within legal bounds for the Supreme People’s Court to reject this death sentence.

Clarke said they totally have the ability to just revert to the initial statement! No need to carry out his punishment now – let’s just show mercy! Meng is livin’ the life of freedom!

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