Who was Sally Ann Howes ?

Sally Ann Howes was an English actress and singer who held dual British-American citizenship. Her career on stage, screen, and television spanned over six decades. She was best known for the role of Truly Scrumptious in the 1968 musical film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Lead Actress in a Musical in 1963 for her performance in Brigadoon.

Sally Ann Howes Parents and Family

Howes was born on 20 July 1930 in St John’s Wood, London, the daughter of British comedian/actor/singer/variety star Bobby Howes (1895–1972) and actress/singer Patricia Malone (1899–1971). She is the granddaughter of Capt. J.A.E. Malone (died 1928), London theatrical director of musicals, and she had an older brother, Peter Howes, a professional musician and music professor. Her great-grandfather, Captain Joseph Malone, was awarded the Victoria Cross in 1854 at the Charge of the Light Brigade. Her uncle, Pat Malone, was an actor on stage, films, and television.

Howes moved to the family’s country house in Essendon, Hertfordshire, for the duration of World War II. She was a show-business baby who lived a quiet, orderly childhood, where she grew up with a nanny and was surrounded by a variety of pets and her parents’ theatrical peers, including actor/writer Jack Hulbert and his wife, actress Cicely Courtneidge, who had an adjoining house.

Howes married Richard Adler in 1958, and adopted his sons Andrew and Christopher after their mother died in 1964. Howes and Adler divorced in 1966. Christopher was a Broadway lyricist, and died from cancer in 1984.She was married to Douglas Rae from 1972 until his death in September 2021. Howes died on 19 December 2021, aged 91.