Sasha Johnson Family, Net Worth , Parents, Husband, Wiki, Bio

Sasha Johnson Family, Net Worth , Parents, Husband

Sasha Johnson is a British Black Lives Matter activist and member of Taking The Initiative Party (TTIP). A graduate of Ruskin College, she has been involved in Rhodes Must Fall, Black Lives Matter and Kill the Bill protests.On 23 May 2021, Johnson was shot in the head. Two days later, five people were arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Sasha Johnson Wiki Bio

NameSasha Johnson
Birthdate ( Age)27 (Aproxi )
BirthplaceManchester, United Kingdom
EducationGraduate of Oxford Brookes University
Marital StatusNA
ProfessionPolitical activist
Net Worth$500,000

Sasha Johnson Family

Sasha Johnson Family belongs to Manchester, United Kingdom.Johnson graduated with a degree in community development and youth work from Ruskin College.She called herself “Oxford’s Black Panther”.Johnson has volunteered for food insecurity initiatives. She works in community support and as a youth worker.

Sasha Johnson Husband, Children

Sasha Johnson is not Married yet.There is no any information about her marital and relationship status on social media.

Activism and Campaigning

Johnson campaigned for the Oxford Rhodes Must Fall campaign.She participated in the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020.In response to a counter-protest which included a far-right presence with the stated intention of protecting war memorials, Johnson told the The Guardian: “We’re painted as thugs when the real thugs are disguised as protecting those memorials. And when they’re drunk, they piss on those memorials.”

In August 2020, Johnson was an organiser for the Million People March, an anti-racist demonstration in London attended by around 400 people.In March 2021, Johnson was co-signatory to a statement alleging that police were targeting some Black protesters who participated in the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests by name, including by repeated phone calls, to deter them from engaging in Kill the Bill protests.

In summer 2020, Johnson was involved in the founding of the Taking The Initiative Party (TTIP); she serves on its Executive Leadership Committee.Sky News reported that the party was registered with the Electoral Commission around 2017.

The party supports the decentralised Black Lives Matter movement but is unaffiliated with the specific organisation Black Lives Matter.Though the party considered running for the 2021 London mayoral election (originally scheduled for 2020) under the name “Black Lives Matter for the GLA”, its first candidates for office stood in the May 2021 local elections.

TTIP said that a Twitter account purporting to be Johnson, and which they characterised as fake, made numerous Tweets, including one calling for white people to be enslaved. The account was suspended by Twitter in accordance with its platform-manipulation and spam policy. However, the messages have been widely circulated on social media, by users claiming them to be real.

How is Sasha Johnson doing now?

On 23 May 2021, Johnson was shot in the head. The Metropolitan Police were notified of the attack, in Peckham, London, around 3 a.m.TTIP said Johnson had previously received numerous death threats for her activism and her car was vandalised a month before the incident. According to a friend, Johnson was not the intended target of the shooting.

A police spokesperson said a few hours later that the investigation was at an early stage, that they had no knowledge of prior threats and that no-one had yet been arrested over the incident.On 25 May, police were reported as saying that Johnson “had been shot by a group of four black men” while attending a party; Metropolitan Police Commander Alison Heydari said the men had “entered the garden of the property and discharged a firearm”.

TTIP criticised the police statement that nothing indicated the attack was targeted, asking how police were able to say that Johnson had not received credible threats without speaking to her, and said there was no evidence the shooting was carried out by four black males, as “have multiple sources present at the incident who have confirmed to us that the attackers were all wearing balaclavas”.

TTIP said they were “disgusted by the way that this narrative has been portrayed as a ‘Black on Black crime’ and a ‘gang crime,’ not acknowledging that this is a hate crime or a targeted attack at worst”.

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