Selena Quintanilla : Family, Net Worth, Parents, Husband, Murder, Music Career and Biography

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was an American singer, songwriter, spokesperson, businesswoman, model, actress, and dressmaker know all about her in this article as like Family, Net Worth 2021, Parents, Husband, Murder, Music Career and Biography

Full Name Selena Quintanilla
Date of Birth 16 April 1971
Died 31 March 1995
Birth Place Lake Jackson, Texas, United States
Nationality American
Parents Abraham Quintanilla, Marcella Samora
Siblings Suzette Quintanilla, A.B. Quintanilla III
Marital Status Married
Husband/Boyfriend Chris Pérez (m. 1992–1995)
Children None
Profession Singer, songwriter, spokesperson, businesswoman, model, actress, and dressmaker
Net Worth $5 Million

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was an American singer, songwriter, spokesperson, businesswoman, model, actress, and dressmaker . mentioned because the “Queen of Tejano music”, her contributions to music and fashion made her one among the foremost celebrated Mexican-American entertainers of the late 20th century.

Billboard magazine named her the top-selling Latin artist of the 1990s decade, while her posthumous collaboration with MAC cosmetics became the best-selling celebrity collection in cosmetics history. Media outlets called her the “Tejano Madonna” for her clothing choices.

Early Life and Family

Selena was born on April 16, 1971, in Lake Jackson, Texas. Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla, was a former musician. He managed and produced his family’s group, Selena Y Los Dinos.Selena grew up speaking English, but her father taught her to sing in Spanish so she could resonate with the Latino community. She learned the lyrics phonetically initially , and eventually learned to talk Spanish fluently. She began performing as a toddler .

Around the age of 10, Selena became the lead singer in her family’s band. The musical organization began playing weddings and clubs in their native Texas. The band featured her brother Abraham on guitar and her sister Suzette on the drums.Selena was considered the “Queen of Tejano,” a kind of Mexican music that incorporated other styles, like country and western. She was also sometimes mentioned because the “Mexican Madonna” for her sexy outfits and dance moves.

Selena Quintanilla Net Worth 2021

 Selena Quintanilla was a singer and songwriter who had a net worth of $5 million at the time of her death in 1995.

Music Career

As her popularity as a singer grew, the stress of Selena’s performance and travel schedule began to interfere together with her education. Her father took her out of faculty when she was within the eighth grade. Her teacher Marilyn Greer disapproved of Selena’s musical career. She threatened to report Quintanilla, Jr. to the Texas Board of Education, believing the conditions to which Selena was exposed were inappropriate for a woman her age. Quintanilla, Jr. told Greer to “mind her business”.

Other teachers expressed their concerns once they noticed how tired Selena appeared when she received school. At seventeen, Selena earned a highschool diploma from the American School of Correspondence in Chicago and was also accepted at Louisiana State University.She enrolled at Pacific Western University, taking over business administration as her major subject.

Quintanilla, Jr. refurbished an old bus; he named it “Big Bertha” and therefore the family used it as their tour bus. within the first years of touring, the family sang for food and barely had enough money to buy gasoline.In 1984, Selena recorded her first LP record, Selena y Los Dinos, for Freddie Records.

Despite eager to record English-language songs, Selena recorded Tejano music compositions; a male-dominated, Spanish-language genrewith German influences of polka, jazz, and country and western , popularized by Mexicans living within the us .Quintanilla, Jr. believed Selena should record musical compositions associated with her heritage.

During the recording sessions for the album, Selena had to find out Spanish phonetically with guidance from her father. In 1985, to market the album, Selena appeared on the Johnny Canales Show, a well-liked Spanish-language radio program, on which she continued to seem for several years. Selena was discovered by musician Rudy Trevino, founding father of the Tejano Music Awards, where she won the feminine Vocalist of the Year award in 1987 and for nine consecutive years after.

Aside from music, in 1994 Selena began designing and manufacturing a line of clothing; she opened two boutiques called Selena Etc., one in Corpus Christi and therefore the other in San Antonio . Both were equipped with in-house beauty salons.By the top of 1994, Selena Etc. had held two fashion shows to showcase their clothing line.

Selena (alongside her band, Selena y Los Dinos) held a concert after Selena Etc.’s second fashion show on December 3, 1994 at the Hemisfair Arena in San Antonio . She was in negotiations to open more stores in Monterrey, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.Saldívar managed both boutiques after the Quintanilla family were impressed with the way she managed the fan club.

Hispanic Business magazine reported that the singer earned over five million dollars from these boutiques.She was ranked among the twentieth-wealthiest Hispanic musicians who grossed the very best income in 1993 and 1994.Selena released her fourth studio album, Amor Prohibido, in March 1994.

The recording debuted at number three on the US Billboard Top Latin Albums chartand favorite on the US Billboard Regional Mexican Albums charts. After peaking at favorite on the highest Latin Albums, the album remained within the top five for the remainder of the year and into early 1995. Amor Prohibido became the second Tejano album to succeed in year-end sales of 500,000 copies, which had previously only been accomplished by La Mafia. It became one among the best-selling Latin albums within the us .


The Quintanilla family appointed Yolanda Saldívar as manager of Selena’s boutiques in early 1994.Eight months later, Selena signed Saldívar as her registered agent in San Antonio , Texas. After the agreement, Saldívar moved from San Antonio to Corpus Christi to be closer to Selena. In December 1994, the boutiques began to suffer after the amount of staff for both stores had decreased. consistent with staff members, Saldívar often dismissed employees she disliked.

Employees at the stores regularly complained about Saldívar’s behavior to Selena, who dismissed the claims, believing Saldívar wouldn’t negatively impose erratic decisions on Selena’s fashion venture. consistent with Quintanilla, Jr., the staff later turned their attention to him and commenced informing him about Saldívar’s behavior. Quintanilla, Jr. took the claims seriously; he told Selena to “be careful” and said Saldívar won’t be an honest influence.

Selena dismissed her father’s inquiries because he had often distrusted people within the past. By January 1995, Selena’s dressmaker Martin Gomez, her cousin Debra Ramirez, and clients had expressed their concerns over Saldívar’s behavior and management skills.During an interview with Saldívar in 1995, reporters from The Dallas Morning News said her devotion to Selena bordered on obsession.

According to Quintanilla, Jr., in January 1995, he began receiving telephone calls from fans who said that they had purchased membership within the Selena fan club and had received nothing reciprocally for it, and he began an investigation. Quintanilla, Jr. discovered that Saldívar had embezzled quite $30,000 via forged checks from both the fan club and therefore the boutiques. Quintanilla, Jr. held a gathering with Selena and Suzette on the night of March 9 at Q-Productions to confront Saldívar.

Quintanilla, Jr. presented Saldívar with the inconsistencies about the disappeared funds. Quintanilla, Jr. told her that if she didn’t provide evidence that disproved his accusations, he would involve the local police. Quintanilla, Jr. banned Saldívar from having any contact with Selena. However, Selena didn’t want to dissolve their friendship; she thought Saldívar was essential to the success of the clothing line in Mexico. Selena also wanted to stay her close because she had bank records, statements, and financial records necessary for tax preparation.

In the days before Selena’s death, Saldívar delayed delivering the bank statements and financial records by saying she had been physically and sexually assaulted in Mexico. Saldívar, along side Selena, appeared at a medical clinic on March 31, 1995, ostensibly to possess Saldívar examined for an assault which she claimed happened to her in Monterrey.

During that visit, Saldívar was given a quick physical examination by the clinic’s doctor, but this didn’t include a gynecological exam specifically wiped out cases of sexual abuse . it had been suggested by nurse Carla Anthony that Saldívar needed to possess the rape exam in San Antonio for 3 reasons: Saldívar was a resident of San Antonio, the clinic they were currently at was in Corpus Christi, and therefore the assault occurred in Mexico.

Afterward, Selena again met with Saldívar in her bedroom at the times Inn in Corpus Christi.At the motel, Selena demanded the financial papers. At 11:48 a.m. (CST), Saldívar got a gun from her purse and pointed it at Selena. As Selena attempted to escape , Saldívar shot her once on the proper lower shoulder, severing the arteria subclavia and causing a severe loss of blood.

Critically wounded, Selena ran towards the lobby, leaving a 392-foot (119 m)-long trail of blood. She collapsed on the ground because the clerk called the emergency services, with Saldívar still chasing after her and calling her a “bitch”. Before collapsing, Selena named Saldívar as her assailant and gave the amount of the space where she had been shot.

Meanwhile, Saldívar attempted to go away in her pickup . She was, however, spotted by a responding cruiser .She surrendered after an almost nine-and-a-half-hour standoff with police and therefore the FBI. By that point , many fans had gathered at the scene; many wept as police took Saldívar away.

Selena was dead on arrival at Corpus Christi Memorial Hospital. The attending ER physician decided to aim to revive her. Cardiologist Louis Elkins continued the treatment and performed surgery supported the ER physician’s decision. Doctors were ready to establish an “erratic heartbeat” long enough to transfer her to the trauma room.

After 50 minutes of surgery, she was pronounced dead from blood loss and asystole at 1:05 p.m. (CST). An autopsy was performed on an equivalent day thanks to overwhelming media interest. It revealed that the bullet had entered Selena’s upper right back, near her scapula , skilled her thoracic cavity , severed the proper arteria subclavia , and exited her right upper chest.

Selena’s  Funeral

Selena’s grave at Seaside cemetery in Corpus Christi, Texas On April 1, Bayfront Plaza in Corpus Christi held a vigil which drew 3,000 fans.During the event, it had been announced that a public viewing of the casket would be held at the Bayfront Auditorium the subsequent day.

Fans lined up for nearly a 1 mile (1.6 km). An hour before the doors opened, rumors that the casket was empty began circulating, which prompted the Quintanilla family to possess an open-casket viewing.

About 30,000 to 40,000 fans gone by Selena’s casket. quite 78,000 signed a book of condolence.Flowers for the casket viewing were imported from Netherlands . At the request of Selena’s family, video and flash photography was banned.

On April 3, 1995, 600 guests—mostly family members—attended Selena’s burial at Seaside cemetery in Corpus Christi, Texas,which was broadcast live by a Corpus Christi and San Antonio station without the consent of her family.