Shaun Runyon : Family, Parents, Wife, Children, Age, Investigation and Net Worth

Shaun Runyon is a Pennsylvania man who is inculpated of killing three co-workers in Florida know all about him in this article as like his Family, Parents, Wife, Children, Case, Investigation and Net Worth

Name Shaun Runyon
Birthdate ( Age) March 1982, 39 Years old
Place of Birth Nazareth, Pennsylvania, USA
Nationality American
Marital Status  Married
Spouse/Partner Allyson B Runyon
Children Not Known
Parents Name not KNown
Education Not Known
Profession Electrical Forman
Net Worth Not Known
Last Update October 2021

Shaun Runyon is a Pennsylvania man who is inculpated of killing three co-workers in Florida. He is accused of killing three workers of his site with a baseball bat and knife. 

According to police authorities, Runyon got involved in a dispute with his supervisor on Friday, 1st October 2021, and later in that dispute, he attacked four men with whom he was sharing his work and home in Davenport. The three of those co-workers have been killed on-site and the fourth one is severely injured.

Shaun Runyon Wife and Family

According to public records we found on the Internet, he was born in March 1982 and lived in several places throughout Pennsylvania. These include Schnacksville, Sciota, Monroeton, Effort and Kunkletown.

He is probably a married man and tied the knot with Alison Runyon though who are his parents is still not disclosed in the media. As far as his occupation is concerned, he is working as an electrical foreman for PJ Smith Ele.

Case and Investigation

According to Sheriff Grady Judd, this was the cold-blooded, calculated, and violated murdering beast that planned all the things in a great manner along with whom he was going to kill. According to the officials, he was working for a Pennsylvania-based company that was further planning to build a new building of Publix grocery store in Florida.

Shaun Runyon has been accused of charges with three counts of first-degree murder. He used deadly weapons like an aggravated battery to kill the persons who were working with him. One of the four persons was killed while he slept.

There were seven people in his home at the time of the incident. This was one of the most tragic and horrible incidents ever happened to anyone. Runyon stabbed and beat people with whom he was living and confessed them to killing.

He knew all of the victims very well and at the time of the incident, no one had the idea that he would outrage everyone so bad that within 24 hours he would come back to attempt to kill all of them. Runyon was earlier arrested on the charge of making domestic violence in May 2021 but was freed on bail.

All the people he attacked have been identified. One of them was 41 years old and the other two were 46 and 44 years old respectively. They were all from Ohio according to the sheriff. All of them were working on building a building from an electrical company.

He had a wonderful family of workers. It is being said that Runyon had already decided the plan to brutally kill these people. He had plenty of time to change his mind, instead he used that time to plan murder and kill people. The victims have been identified as 41-year-old Kevin Lanuse, 44-year-old Gregory Dolezal and 46-year-old Devlon Donnell.

Shawn Runyon punches his boss during a brawl at the site on Friday before returning home and decides to stay with the other workers until the next morning. Later he attacked his companions and tortured them till death. At 2 p.m. Friday (morning), Sean Runyon fled the workplace or workplace following what happened between him and his supervisor.

He had left at that time and since then no one had seen him on the site. On October 2, the incident coincided with a triple murder in Davenport, Florida, where Sean and other team members were staying at the same site for electrical work. It is being told that they are living in the area near the workplace.