Who was Steve Bronski ? Cause of Death and Biography

Steve Bronski

Steve Bronski was a Singer and co-founder of British pop trio Bronski Beat, has died, as per BBC News and The Guardian report. He was 61, according to the BBC.Born Steve Forrest in the Scottish city of Glasgow, Bronski formed Bronski Beat with Larry Steinbachek and Jimmy Somerville in 1983 after the three appeared in a documentary made for an LGBTQ arts festival.

That year, Bronski Beat made their live debut at the gay benefit concert September in the Pink, before releasing the landmark single “Smalltown Boy,” about a gay man making a break for the big city, in 1984. Recognizable for its pining, oft-sampled keyboard line, the synth pop anthem reached the UK Top 3 and primed the group for memorable appearances on primetime TV.

Steve Bronski Net Worth

Steve Bronski is the co-founder of the pop group Bronski Beat has an estimated Net Worth around $8 Million at the time of his death.The keyboardist’s achievements as a musician had reached sky high in 1984. He had secured a record deal just after just nine live gigs with his mates.

According to ncertpoint.com, the band earns more than $ 4,00,000 as their yearly income. Their net worth is estimated to be $8 million. Moreover, Bronski has worked as a producer for various artists. His earnings are undoubtedly very huge.

Steve Bronski Career

The Glasgow-based musician has recorded five hit albums; The Age of Consent, Truthdare Doubledare, Out & About, Rainbow Nation, and The Age of Reason.Steve and his group has been honored with the prestigious NIME Awards in 1984.

Somerville left Bronski Beat in 1985 and was succeeded by John Foster. Jonathan Hellyer took over as lead singer after Foster left in 1987.Bronski worked as a producer for many artists in the years between. Following a brief fight with cancer, Steinbachek died in 2017 at 56.In the year 2016, Steve Bronski resurrected the band, recording new material with Ian Donaldson, a member from the 1990s. Bronski died in 2021.

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Steve Bronski Cause of Death

Steve Bronski’s death cause has not reached the Internet. His band’s official page is the first to announce the sad news on Facebook. Bronski Beat’s co-founder Jimmy Somerville wrote: “Sad to hear Steve Bronski has died”.He further mentioned Bronski’s achievements as a musician and his melodic persona.