What is Google Pay, How it Works, Which devices are Google Pay compatible?

What is Google Pay
Google Pay

What is Google Pay – Google Pay is Google’s digital wallet and payment platform. It allows users to pay with their Android devices in-store and on supported websites, mobile apps, and Google services such as the Google Play Store.Users link credit or debit cards to their Google Pay account, which is then used to make in-store or online purchases. Google Pay on Android devices interacts with payment terminals via near field communication (NFC). Users who are signed in to their Google account in the Chrome browser can use Google Pay on sites that support the service. What is Google Pay, How it Works, Which devices are Google Pay compatible?

What is Google Pay ?

Google revamped and rebranded its mobile and online payment services in 2018, bringing them all under the Google Pay or G Pay banner. It is essentially the company’s own take on Apple Pay. It is essentially a mobile wallet. It can be used to make online payments, app purchases, contactless payments in stores, and even peer-to-peer money transfers. So, whether you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers online or purchasing your morning coffee, G Pay can handle it all. It’s not just about sending money or paying for stuff though. You can load train tickets, passes, and rewards cards onto it, just like Apple Pay. Whether it’s a Covid pass or something completely different.

How does Google Pay work in stores?

You can pay for items by simply unlocking your Android phone (which also allows Google Pay to authenticate your transaction) and placing it near a merchant’s contactless terminal. You can also pay for purchases under £45 or $50 without unlocking your phone (the screen simply needs to be turned on), though you can only do so a certain number of times before your phone prompts you to unlock it.

You must enter your authentication code for purchases over £45/$50. To make a payment, you don’t even need to open an app. It simply allows you to tap and go, after which you will receive confirmation/transaction details on your phone.

What else can you do with Google Pay?

Google Pay, like Apple Pay/Wallet, can be used to store your passes, account cards, and travel tickets all in one place. To access them, open the Google Pay app and select ‘Passes’ from the bottom tab. Unfortunately, not all airlines or train operators support the feature, with many preferring to issue tickets as PDFs rather than G Pay compatible passes, so whether you can use this feature depends on who you’re traveling with.

Google Pay can automatically pull account details from relevant emails and load virtual member passes/account cards into the Passes screen, which is a clever feature. So, if you have a hotel account and signed up with your Google email address, it should pull that information in. To add a pass (public transportation, loyalty program, or gift card), simply tap the “+ Pass” button and select the appropriate option. What is Google Pay, How it Works, Which devices are Google Pay compatible?

Which devices are Google Pay compatible?

Google Pay is available on all modern Android phones running KitKat 4.4 or higher. To use Google Pay in stores, your phone must support NFC (near-field communication) and HCE (host card emulation). When you place your phone over a contactless payment terminal in a store, NFC and HCE collaborate to send your payment information to the store, allowing you to complete your transaction.

It’s a similar story with Wear OS watches. Most modern Wear OS watches will support Google Pay if they have NFC built in for contactless transactions. To see if your Android phone supports Google Pay in stores, open the Settings app on your device and then tap ‘More’ under ‘Wireless & networks.’ If you don’t see this option, look for something similar, such as ‘Connections’ or ‘NFC.’ Other options may require you to tap ‘More.’ If you see the option NFC or something similar, you can now use Google Pay to make payments in stores. Yay!

Is Google Pay secure?

Yes, Google Pay does not share your actual card details when you pay in-store, according to Google. Instead, the merchant is given a one-of-a-kind encrypted number. Google collaborated with leading payment networks and financial institutions to bring industry-standard security tokenisation to market. Instead of your account number, the retailer receives a 16-digit number through tokenisation.

As a result, Google Pay’s tokenisation differs from Apple Pay’s in that tokens are generated in the cloud rather than in a secure chip within the phone. Still, if you misplace your phone, Google recommends using Find My Device to locate or erase it in order to keep your personal data safe from prying eyes. To authenticate transactions, Google Pay does accept a PIN code, password, or pattern.

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