WhatsApp Change Updates : Warning for Millions of WhatsApp users huge Feature of app change incoming

WhatsApp Change Updates
WhatsApp Change Updates

WhatsApp Change Updates – Warning for Millions of WhatsApp users huge Feature of app change incoming.The texting app owned by Meta is extremely popular, with billions of people using it each year. That means WhatsApp must thoroughly test new features before releasing them, or else chaos will ensue. WABetaInfo’s tech sleuths dig into the “beta test” version of WhatsApp on a regular basis to uncover upcoming changes. And there are some big ones on the way. This time, the Facebook-backed messaging app is testing a new version of message reactions in preparation for a future WhatsApp beta update for Android smartphones. In addition, new updates and features for iOS and Desktop users are being tested.

WhatsApp Change Updates

1. A new section to view past group participants
2. An in-chat notification when someone leaves a group that only group admins can see
3.Emoji reactions for WhatsApp Status with a selection of eight quick-tap icons
4.A tweaked context menu on WhatsApp for Windows with spelling action included
5.A new security feature called “login approval” that adds an optional extra safety layer
6. Phone number sharing toggle for members of a WhatsApp Community

According to WABetaInfo, if the feature is not available for your WhatsApp account, it means it is not yet ready. WhatsApp is now making the feature available to some beta testers, with more activations planned in the future.Also, after introducing the ability to open and view photos and videos on the WhatsApp beta UWP 2.2212.2.0 update, it is said that WhatsApp is now releasing another feature that was missing in the UWP version – archived chats!

WhatsApp Change Updates

The new Windows beta version provides a more stable experience, is a native app compatible with Windows 10 and newer OS versions, and has been designed to be immediately compatible with multi-device. Additionally, in the new update, WhatsApp has introduced new icons when opening the chat options (Media, Files, Links, Encryption, and Groups).

WhatsApp is also developing new features for the WhatsApp Desktop beta. According to WABetaInfo, the app is constantly working on new multi-device improvements, even if some features, such as the ability to generate rich link previews on WhatsApp Web, are currently not supported. Regarding WhatsApp Desktop, the application has always supported link previews, but they have recently stopped working due to technical reasons. WhatsApp finally addressed the issue last week by releasing a fix, and WhatsApp Desktop can now generate link previews again!

WhatsApp is also said to have submitted a new update via the TestFlight beta Program, bringing the version up to The version number displayed in WhatsApp Settings is The app is working on poll options for groups in the new update.

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