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Jordan Turpin is the daughter of David and Louise Turpin were sentenced to prison know all about her in this article as like Jordan Turpin Family, Parents, Age, Story, Instagram and Wikipedia

Name Jordan Turpin
Birthdate  Not Known
Age (as of 2021) 21 Years old
Parents David Allen Turpin and Louise Ann
Place of Birth United State
Nationality American
Marital Status  Not Married
Spouse/Partner Not Known
Children Note yet
Education University of Villanova
Profession Not Known
Net Worth Not Known
Last Update Nonember 2021


Who is Jordan Turpin

When David and Louise Turpin were sentenced to prison in 2018 for torturing their 13 biological children for over two decades, they fled the United States terrified. Two of the Turpin siblings discussed their frightening history on ABC’s Escape from a House of Horror programme, which aired on November 19, 2021, four years after their conviction. Jennifer and Jordan Turpin discussed their siblings’ years of physical, mental, verbal, and emotional abuse at the hands of their own parents with Diane Sawyer. However, after moving out of the apartment in January 2018, he decided to seek legal help.

What Happen with Jordan Turpin, Jordan Story

The 21-year-old shared:”I was always terrified that if I called the cops or tried to escape, I would get caught, and then I knew I would die if I got caught. But at the end, when I saw all my younger siblings, I knew that’s what I had to do… That was my only chance. I think it was us coming so close to death so many times. If something happened to me, at least I died trying.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer (33), the eldest of the Turpin siblings, recalled glimpses of her terrifying past:”The only word I know to call it is ‘hell’… We [weren’t] even allowed to stand up. We were supposed to be sitting down all the time. Most of the time we were up at night and then sleeping in the day… There was a lot of starving. I would have to figure out how to eat. I would either eat ketchup or mustard and ice.”

Following Jordan’s escape from Perris, California’s ‘House of Horrors,’ the Turpins were arrested and accused with 14 felony counts, including “12 counts of torture and false imprisonment, nine counts of child abuse, and seven counts of cruelty to a dependent adult.” In 2019, David and Louise pleaded guilty to all counts and were sentenced to life in prison with a 25-year possibility of release.

On January 14, 2018, police raided the California home where 13 Turpin children were imprisoned, starved, beaten and shackled over several years. The children aged between 2 and 29 were held captive and never allowed to leave the house without their parents.The family initially lived in Fort Worth but moved to Rio Vista in 1999. The abuse initially started as a form of negligence and abandonment but went on to take a violent turn over the years. The Turpins left their Rio Vista home in 2010 and moved to California.

After the family departed their second home, neighbours reportedly discovered faeces, piles of rubbish, dead dogs, and ropes tied to beds. The torture continued at their California home, where the kids were denied food, basic hygiene, medical treatment, and education. In the latest Escape from a House of Horror special interview, eldest Turpin sister Jennifer mentioned that the siblings were only allowed to eat once a day and bathe once a year. They were left hungry while the pair ate junk food, according to reports. Coupled with that, they were beaten upon the slightest attempt to steal food from their parents.

She also shared that the children were punished for the smallest of things and faced violent beatings from their parents. She claimed that Louise pushed one of her siblings down the stairs for entering her bedroom while David often beat them with belts and sticks until they bled.The children were also prevented from visiting the washroom, leading to filthy and unhygienic living conditions. The Turnpin couple also tied the children to their beds with ropes and strangled them with chains.

The children were also kept away from basic education and did not attend school. The eldest sibling was initially enrolled in a school but pulled out by her third standard. David filed affidavits with the California Department of Education claiming that his children were being educated in private but was charged with perjury for his false statement.

In her latest interview, Jordan Turpin mentioned that she got a taste of the outside world after secretly coming across Justin Bieber and his videos on her phone:“I don’t know where we would be if we didn’t watch Justin Bieber. I started realizing that there is a different whole world out there. I wanted to experience that.”However, things took a turn for the worse when her mother discovered the secret through one of her siblings and choked her for her action:

“I thought I was going to die that day. After that whole day happened, I kept having nightmares that… she was going to kill me.”Following the incident, Jordan decided to escape from the house and discussed the plan with some of her siblings. Her sister Jennifer recalled drawing a map of the neighborhood with a few memories of being outside:”She was like, ‘We need to get out of here. So I gave her all the advice I knew, all the advice I could.”

The siblings got the idea to call 911 after overhearing their brother secretly watching a show called Cops. They even collected photographic evidence of some of their siblings chained to the bed.

Jordan finally decided to jump out of the window after she heard her mother talking about the family moving to Oklahoma:”If we went to Oklahoma, there was a big chance that some of us would have died.”Police authorities immediately raided the house and came across the malnourished Turpin children. They also discovered chains and marks of bruises on the children’s wrists. Officials said the children lacked knowledge of basic terms like “police” and “medication” and some even failed to spell their own names.

Authorities mentioned that the Turpin siblings lived in “dark and foul-smelling surroundings” and few of them were so malnourished that the police failed to understand that some children were, in fact, adults.The Turpin siblings were immediately shifted to medical care for treatment and healthcare assessment. The seven adult children were shifted to Corona Regional Medical Center while the six minors were taken to Riverside University Hospital System (RUHS).

Who is David Allen Turpin and Louise Ann (Jordan Turpin Parents )

David Turpin was born to James and Betty Turpin and grew up in West Virginia. He graduated from Virginia Tech University with a degree in engineering and went on to establish a successful career in the field.

He became a computer engineer and held remarkable positions in companies like Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics until his retirement in 2012. Despite having a successful professional and academic career, David had to file for bankruptcy in 2011 due to $240,000 in credit card debt.Meanwhile, his wife described herself as “homemaker”. Louis Turpin (nee Robinette) also grew up in an abusive household. Her sister Teresa Robinette told The Daily Mail that the siblings and their cousin were repeatedly abused by their maternal grandfather in exchange for money.

The sisters said Louise became obsessed with witchcraft and alcoholism later in life and engaged in several sordid rituals. However, they never imagined their sister could commit the crime of abusing her own children.Louise and David Turpin attended West Virginia High School together, although the latter was eight years his wife’s senior. The couple eloped to Texas when Louise was 16 years old and David was 24. However, they returned home after Louise’s parents filed a police complaint against the pair.

Surprisingly, Louise’s father agreed to the couple’s marriage, and they married in Princeton in 1984 before relocating to Texas. According to reports, the couple was Pentecostal and also involved in the Quiverfull Movement. The Turpin parents initially pleaded not guilty to the 14 felony charges against them after their arrest in 2018, but later altered their plea to guilty the following year. They were sentenced to live in jail for the rest of their lives, with the chance of parole after 25 years.

According to CNN, Louise Turpin apologized for her actions during one of the hearings:One of the Turpin children reportedly forgave their parents and some have the right to visit them in prison. However, nearly 10 of the siblings have 10-year restraining orders against the Turpin couple. David was initially sent to Mule Creek State Prison and later transferred to California State Prison while Louise was detained at Central California Women’s Facility.