Xander Hastings : Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Education, Age and Salary

Xander Hastings is an American Software Developer and Contestant of Survivor Season 41 know all about him in this article as like his Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Education, Age and Salary

Xander Hastings Biography / Wikipedia

Xander Hastings
Name Alexander Hastings
Birthdate  11 August 2000
Age (as of 2021) 21 Years
Height Centimeters – 175 cm
Place of Birth Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.
Nationality American
Marital Status  Not Married
Spouse/Partner Not Known
Children Not Known
Parents Name not Known
Education University of Chicago
Profession Software Developer
Last Update December 2021


Xander Hastings is an American Software Developer . In 2021, he became well-known after appearing on CBS’s reality show Survivor season 41.Xander discovered his idol weeks before, but it wasn’t activated until the Oct. 26 episode, when one member from each of the other two tribes discovered hidden idols in their camps as well.

Early Life and Family

Hastings is 21 years old and was born in Jacksonville, Florida (as in 2021). Hastings revealed that his father is a well-known Jacksonville doctor who served in the Navy and the Peace Corps. When asked who his hero was, he said that it was his father. He states that his father sacrifices everything for his family and that he supports Hastings in his endeavours. Xander is the youngest Survivor contestant this season. Xander completed high school in 2019 and is now enrolled at the University of Chicago. With a double major in Economics and Computer Science, he intends to graduate in 2023.

In addition to his studies, Xander is a member of the University of Chicago’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams. He was a member of both of these teams in high school, as well as other activities like student government and Model UN. As a member of his high school cross country team, Xander competed in the Nike Cross Nationals, which he refers to as the “Super Bowl of cross country.” His team finished in tenth place.

Xander Hastings Wife, Is Xander Hastings Married

Xander Hastings

Xander Hastings is not Married Yet.We currently have no information on Xander’s previous relationships or affairs. Xander is entirely focused on his job, yet he may have an affair or romance in the future. Xander has travelled extensively and is fluent in Mandarin.

Xander Hastings Net Worth

Xander Hastings is a software developer has an estimated Net Worth around $200K in 2021. In Chicago, Illinois, app developers Salary can be between $65k and $111k per year. He interned at Cortland for two months in 2018. He also owns and runs his own app development company.

Professional Career

Xander characterises himself as a “app designer” in his CBS bio. He “formed own firm for developing apps and is working on [his] first release,” according to his LinkedIn page. He also interned at Cortland, a real estate firm in Shanghai, China, during the summer of 2018. He looked into industries in another country that may provide low-cost materials for sustainable and cheap housing. He employed his HTML abilities for record-keeping and organisation during this assignment.

Xander Hastings in Survivor Season 41

Xander is well aware that he looks to be a “hollow-headed tool” on the surface, but he is much more. He admitted that he enjoys the “pursuit of knowledge and experience” and that he could talk for hours on anything, from “the genius of Richard Serra’s commission for the NYC IRS building” to “Kepler’s 3rd rule” to “how Mandarin allows the mind to think more creatively.”



“I grew up being the nerdy guy, the chubby person,” Xander told Parade. “When people tell me they think I’m a knucklehead, that interests me.” Because of all the clichés that come with being young, I want to be someone who is young and is considered to be ignorant and inexperienced. “Youth may serve as my cover.” Xander Hastings, Survivor, should be in the driver’s seat. After all, he possesses not just an extra vote, but also an immunity idol. Weeks previously, Xander discovered his idol, but it wasn’t activated until the Oct. 26 episode, when one member from each of the other two tribes uncovered hidden idols in their camps as well.