Zachary Rolfe Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Biography

Zachary Rolfe Family

Zachary Rolfe Family, Net Worth, Parents, Wife, Biography – Zachary Rolfe has been found not guilty of murder in relation to the shooting death of Kumanjayi Walker Rolfe was supported in court by his parents.

Northern Territory police officer Zachary Rolfe has been found not guilty of murder in relation to the shooting death of Kumanjayi Walker.Rolfe, 30, was also cleared of two alternative charges of manslaughter and engaging in a violent act causing death.The verdict comes after an almost five-week trial in the supreme court, and after the case was delayed multiple times because of legal argument and the pandemic.

Who is Zachary Rolfe?

Zachary Rolfe is Northern Territory Police officer.He is 30 years old as per 2022.His date of birth anf Family information is not available yet we will update it soon.Rolfe had been a former soldier who had completed tours overseas including in Afghanistan, Strickland said, and was working with the Alice Springs Immediate Response Team, a police outfit that has access to higher powered weapons and paramilitary uniforms.

Zachary Rolfe Family, Parents

Rolfe was supported in court by his parents, Debbie and Richard. The former soldier Heston Russell and officers from the NT police association also attended the hearing.

Zachary Rolfe Alligation and Investigation

On November 9, 2019, Mr Rolfe and four fellow police officers were dispatched from Alice Springs to arrest Mr Walker.At dusk, Mr Rolfe and his partner Adam Eberl found Mr Walker inside a dark house.When the 19-year-old produced a pair of scissors from his pocket, a struggle took place.Mr Rolfe was stabbed in his left shoulder, before he fired his Glock three times.

The Crown accepted the first shot was legally justified, because there was a reasonable possibility Mr Rolfe believed it was necessary to defend himself.
However, when he fired a second shot 2.6 seconds after the first, and a third shot 0.5 seconds later, they argued the situation had changed because Mr Rolfe’s partner had restrained Mr Walker on the ground.

In his closing address, prosecutor Philip Strickland SC told the jury they should have “little difficulty” in finding Mr Rolfe intended to kill Mr Walker, or cause him serious harm, at the time of the last two shots.He added that based on the evidence, the jury could conclude that the accused did not see Mr Walker stabbing Constable Eberl and he did not fear for his life when he fired shots two and three.

Rolfe gives first interview

After the verdict was handed down, Mr Rolfe spoke to 9News, saying he was “really happy” with the result.”There’s a long way to go moving forward from this but really happy with the result, really happy for my family and my friends, for the police force and especially for my mum who can move forward now happy,” he said.

When asked whether he would have done anything differently in the situation, Mr Rolfe said he followed his training.”I think with the benefit of hindsight, you would always do something differently, or better, but with the information I had on that night I wouldn’t have done anything differently,” he said.”I did my job; I did what I was trained to do and sometimes the outcomes are tragic.Mr Rolfe said he still wants to continue his work as a police officer, but at the moment his future is uncertain.”I’m still a police officer, that’s what I want to do that’s who I want to be, whether that’s realistic, we’ll find out,” he said.

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